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Things the world can do without – part 2


Disproportionately large or grossly unfair profit, generated often through manipulation of prices, abuse of dominant position, or by exploiting a bad or unusual situation such as temporary scarcity. There is usually no governmental control over profiteering unless it involves illegal means or the government can be arsed to sort it as it benefits their cronies!!

Think about the privatisation of power supply – I mean how has that benefits us, the masses?  Answer not one iota!  You’ve got the likes of Scottish Power and their friends constantly claiming that costs need to rise (presumably so they can pay their own bonuses) yet the service that you and I receive is appalling.

Apple is another company that has promoted profiteering – and sadly the rest of the mobile industry has caught on – I mean when you can buy a touchscreen 15″ laptop with shed-loads of memory (RAM and ROM) and a whole host of components and that massive screen for around £300 – why does a phone have to cost £1,500?  Simple – so Tim Apple can sit on a $285Bn cashpile – that’s why!



Donald Trump aka f**kwit!

Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States on Nov. 8, 2016. He has been a real estate developer, entrepreneur and host of the NBC reality show, “The Apprentice.”  Trump’s statements were awarded PolitiFact’s 2015 and 2017 Lie of the Year.

Born and raised in New York City, Trump is married to Melania Trump, a former model from Slovenia. Trump has five children and eight grandchildren. Three of his children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric, serve as executive vice presidents of the Trump Organization.

Basically he’s a self-publicist and a liar!  Here are some of his lies…

He claims to know more about almost anything than anyone else and that he is an extremely (perhaps the most) successful businessman ever…really?

Well here are some of his business failures:

  • Trump Airlines
  • Trump beverages
  • Trump the game
  • Trump casinos
  • Trump magazine
  • Trump mortgage
  • Trump travel site
  • Trumpnet
  • Trump University

Yeah basically he’s the son of a successful businessman who is pissing his father’s inheritance up against the wall – and sadly forcing us to watch.

Putin’s calendars

One month, there’s Vladimir Putin topless in the woods with a gun. On the next page, he’s fishing in a white button-down shirt and trousers. No, they’re not pictures from the Russian president’s eHarmony page.

They’re from a calendar devoted to pictures of Putin that make him look strong, yet likeable. P-lease!

Enough of this fake fandom – this is an odious individual with a personal image complex.  We do not need to see images of Vlad topless (unless he’s missing his head that is) nor on horseback, nor cuddling leopards, holding up gigantic fish or even petting fluffy (but sufficiently manly large) dogs!

And of course it’s only going to get worse.. Those man-boobs are going to sag further, the bingo wings will develop and the comb-over will slide further and further back.  Vlad it’s not going to look pretty so just stop it please.  you know it makes sense!

Brussel Sprouts

“19 things you didn’t know about Brussel Sprouts”, yep somebody (Olivia Parker) actually wrote an article in the Daily Telegraph on that very subject – and some of them defy belief – powering Christmas trees ffs??

I can tell you a number of things about sprouts – they are, most definitely, the spawn of the devil, not only do they smell disgusting when being cooked they taste disgusting too.  Any recipe which includes sprouts as one of the ingredients like Brussel Sprouts with Bacon & Chestnuts will ruin those other ingredients – instantly!

Frequently sprouts are boiled to the consistency of Ulva Lactuca – otherwise known as Sea Lettuce – it’s an algae and frankly pretty gelatinous once cooked.

They’re now an integral part of Christmas – though lord knows why – some have suggested that it appears to be a case of timing. Not only is sprout season slap bang in the middle of Christmas, but the modern roast dinner was invented around the same time that sprouts were first imported to a large scale.

Either way they’re disgusting and we don’t need them – I’ll get my vitamin C from an orange every time!


Trophy Hunters & Poachers

Trophy hunters, those who kill animals for recreation rather than out of necessity, imported more than 1.26 million trophies to the U.S. in the decade from 2005 through 2014, according to an analysis of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s import data by Humane Society International and the Humane Society of United States. That’s an average of 126,000 trophy imports a year, or 345 a day!  And that’s disgusting!

I’m delighted to see that there’s a Facebook page dedicated to publicising the morons who think that killing animals for sport is perfectly acceptable thing to do!

Poachers are doing the same thing put this time for money, think of all the elephants and rhinos that are systematically slaughtered for some ludicrous alternative therapy or for the vanity of many around the world.

An estimated 100 African elephants are killed each day by poachers seeking ivory, meat and body parts, leaving only 400,000 remaining. An insatiable lust for ivory products in the Asian market makes the illegal ivory trade extremely profitable, and has led to the slaughter of tens of thousands of African elephants.

In just a decade, more than 7,912 African rhinos have been lost to poaching.

Enough is enough people!

Middle lane dawdlers

The British really do have some appalling diseases and this is one of their worst, an almost pathological fear of being in the inside lane on a motorway.

New fixed penalties were intended to reduce the number of people lane hogging and carrying out other acts of careless driving on UK motorways, but it’s still prevalent today.

With the number of traffic police falling, it’s increasingly difficult for police to fine lane hoggers, and it’s not something that can be monitored using cameras in the same way speeding can.

Education, rather than punishment, is a more viable way of reducing the number of lane hoggers in the long term.

The Government has announced motorway lessons for learner drivers will be an option from 2018, but they will not be mandatory. If learner drivers were given practical lessons in lane discipline, this would help reduce the number of lane hoggers.


Not the rugby club, nor even the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants but the annoying stingey, stripey things that appear to serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever.  Wasps aren’t just annoying – if you are unlucky, you might end up with a sharp reminder that wasps, like their close relatives the honeybee, pack a powerful sting. That combination of nuisance and pain makes wasps many people’s least favourite animals.

Unlike bees, the vast majority of wasps play no role in pollination – at all – however according to scientists from University College London (UCL) and the University of Gloucestershire a world without wasps would be a world with a very much larger number of insect pests on our crops and gardens!

Apparently the social wasps that irritate us sooo much consume 14 million kilograms of insect prey across the summer!  Hmm I’m still not convinced that I think there’s a better way!!

Right – that’s enough for part 2.  In part three we’ll finally get to topics such as whaling, Irish pubs, Scottish Power, tattoos and yes, RyanAir!!



The folly of phone design

So, tell me, why after the development of phone design over the past 20 years that has claimed to make them so robust e.g. Gorilla Glass, ceramic backs and the like are they so bloody fragile?

My Samsung Galaxy S8+ is actually cracked in 2 places on the front and the back has several cracks running the full length.   I was quoted £250 to replace them but as it turns out to be an “International” version the company wouldn’t touch it.  I’m not even aware of how it got so damaged.  The only thing I can think of is that it came into contact with something else in my trouser pockets – possibly a key or possible a coin.  I’ll admit to having dropped it a couple of times but on both occasions it has either been fine or been protected by the case I have had to purchase to protect it since it got cracked!!

This from Tom’s Guide – Phone Drop Test results 2018:

Good news: Chances are, your phone will survive a 6-foot fall onto wood and, if it’s lucky enough to land on its edge, withstand drops onto concrete with minimal damage.

Bad news: If you don’t have a screen protector, there’s a really good chance something’s going to break.

It seems that the Motorola Moto Z2 Force was the winner – in fact, Motorola guarantees that the screen on the Moto Z2 Force won’t crack – and in Tom’s test’s – it didn’t! – but the rest suffered in varying degrees.  Sadly they aren’t planning on producing a Force version of the Moto Z3 – shame on you Lenovo!

So what else is happening in the world of screens and screen protection – improving that area is absolutely key.  Well the current leader in this area has to be Corning and their “Gorilla Glass” product which has been lauded around the globe by just about every phone manufacturer.

Visually stunning, incredibly tough Corning® Gorilla® Glass enables today’s sleekest smartphone and tablet designs, while providing exceptional damage resistance to the scratches and bumps of everyday use. Gorilla Glass is sensitive enough for today’s most sophisticated touch applications, and is available with an easy-to-clean coating.

Hmm the scratches and bumps of everyday use…I’d like to see their definition of that!  As millions of phone owners will testify Gorilla Glass is about as robust as a paper bag! Samsung did announce in July 2018 that they’d developed a bendable and unbreakable screen – I’d settle for unbreakable – the folding phone is interesting but not essential – an unbreakable screen IS essential!  and why do I say that?  Well it should be obvious – just look at the sumptuous photo shots that are being used to sell us this year’s latest phone – just check out those curves – I mean phaaw, c’mon!  Manufacturers have invested billions in designing “sexy”, “cool”, phones but sadly they also appear to have built in “built in obsolescence” as well.  I shouldn’t really be surprised.  However as the price of these phones skyrockets it is inevitable that replacement cycles will grow longer – so c’mon guys make the bloody things last better!

In some products’ life-cycle the manufacturers can make as much profit from marketing the accessories as they can from the main device itself but the ludicrously high cost of today’s phones (and no I don’t buy the precious metals argument I bit!) is such that it wouldn’t be worth the issues of product inventory management – lots of low value accessories is a real pain to manage!!  And easy to get wrong!

So please, will someone get the cost of producing Micro-LED screens down so we can start using them, thus saving power (and therefore eliminating the current issue of running out of juice) and at the same time due to their power efficiency and increased brightness can we have plastic coating applied which stops them cracking so damned easily – please?

What are Micro-LEDs I hear you ask? Well this – thanks to for the words!

Micro LEDs is a new technology still in its infancy, but it has great potential to become the next big thing on the display market. Micro LED displays work similarly to OLED panels, but are even thinner. They consist of inorganic semiconductors, specifically a gallium-nitrite combination. Like OLEDs, these are light-emitting diodes, but they are much smaller.

Backlighting is not necessary with micro-LEDs, nor is a polarization filter required. The glass layer above the panel can also be slimmed even further. The brightness per watt, which simplifies the efficiency of the displays, is even better than that of OLED panels and beats LCD by far. With the same brightness, a micro-LED display requires only half as much energy as an OLED screen, in some cases even less. The extremely small diodes also allow higher resolutions on the same surface – a 4K smartwatch would be conceivable with micro LEDs. Last but not least, micro LED screens are not as susceptible to pixel burn-in as OLED displays.

And as wireless charging is the de facto standard these days let’s just make sure that the phone back will allow inductance charging, avoid unnecessary fingerprint smearing and oh yes – stop bloody cracking!!

So c’mon Lenovo, Samsung, OnePlus etc etc – let’s see all of this in the new Z4, S10, 7T etc etc- I know it’s CES time – so go for it guys!

Cor, what a whopper!!

Can you spot the similarity between Apple the company and Donald Trump? Well this most recent post from Techcrunch suggests that they are both pretty good at telling porky-pies!!

I mean the Trumpster is ahead on the total number but that hasn’t deterred Tim Cook et al from playing catch-up!!

Trump is a phenomenon. An asshole too. I mean just read what the Washington Post has to say on the matter – scary or what?

But that aside as this post is about lying tech giants as opposed to assholes pretending to be statesmen let’s focus on Apple!

TechCrunch lists 7, yes 7, whoppers in Apple’s latest product launch. That’s going some.

Is that what it takes now to get punters to part with their hard earned cash? Lies? Wow, how the mighty gave fallen..yet at the same time how big have we mugs grown? £1,400 for a phone??? That’s what I’ve heard, are we mad?

Well not me personally, I’ll make sure I buy my non-Apple devices from some company in the far east that delivers the same product with a better spec for a significantly lower price!!

I know that marketing is about being economical with the truth but Apple’s having a laugh. Or are Fanboys that dumb? Possibly!

But either way people, and particularly that means you people in tech companies that pretend to be holier than thou..stop the bullshit, stop the lies and FFS stop ripping us consumers off!

Fighting for life? Or fit to drop?

Sometimes you know progress sucks.  I mean it’s been several years since wearable technology became a “buzzword” yet there’s still nothing really cool/useful out there.  Look at it now…it’s fighting for life, it’s fit to drop!

I mean ok, Apple Fanboys have their watch, but it really doesn’t deliver all that much.  At the same time you’ve seen crooks like Yassir Belhaj, the guy behind the Indiegogo and subsequently Kickstarter promoted Sowatch debacle that fleeced nearly 3,000 people out of a total of over $350k, screwing things up royally!  At the same time you’ve had major brands such as Samsung, Fitbit, Polar, Huawei, TomTom plus a host of others, including Apple, try and fail to deliver a killer piece of kit – and they’ve even had multiple goes at it!!
Frankly it irritates me that this market opportunity hasn’t been grabbed by somebody with an ounce of common sense and a bit of vision – just look at the “best fitness trackers in 2018” – I mean, c’mon, this is amateur hour stuff!!

[Takes a step forward at this point….]

Back in December 2014 I wrote a piece called “Convergence is the way forward” on my Wearable Tech Review blog….

Some companies seem to think that by maintaining an incredibly narrow focus they’ll succeed – well I’m afraid if you’re aiming at the end consumer – the likes of us – then they’ve just failed!

I also referred readers to what I saw as a device with massive potential – the Samsung “Simband” which helpfully they described as…

It’s our concept of what a smart health device should be.

The video promotes it as having several sensors that continuously measure and monitor a user’s biometric data. It uses optical, electrical, and physical methods of collecting heart rate, blood flow and pressure, skin temperature, CO2 and oxygen levels, EKG levels, and even simulated blood pressure, all to display real-time electrocardiograph information of it all – and it tracks movement and tells the time too!!

Way too cool!! Take my money now…

Sadly it wasn’t to be. Not even Samsung managed to deliver the concept.  Their Gear 3 is a “premium watch”…I don’t want a premium watch I’ve got one and it’s got far more cache that a Gear 3. The Gear Fit 2 wasn’t much better..a big lump of a band with a colour screen that drained the battery faster than a swarm of hungry mosquitos feasting on your arm!!

In the past 4 years there’s been a lot of activity, a lot of hype followed by a lot of half-arsed products hitting the market (I mean not even waterproof – WTF!) and a number of companies going to the wall!

I did put together what I was looking for in my perfect device – back in January 2015 – and guess what?  Nobody’s got close….

  • If you were to take the best bits from this lot, starting with my existing Rolex as the starting point and encapsulating the concept that the Simband most effectively sets out you’d end up with a replacement strap which delivers it all!

    Naturally I’ll want it to learn about my normal “biometric” behaviour as it monitors me so it can identify anything “abnormal” and then warn me about it!

    It will also be required , via the back end of the service, to provide me with those actionable alerts – not to mention the reason why I need to act upon them – and of course praise when it’s deserved – sorry when I deserve it 🙂

And look how many of them are still going…Pebble, Nymi, Kairos, GoBe, Amiigo, Micorsoft Band?  Where did they go? If only they’d listened 🙂


Weather it’s enough to keep you connected

Yes I did mean to type that that headline title! It’s a play on words people… I’ve just read an article in the Guardian (well online actually) where Alex Hern writes that he has “finally taken off the Apple Watch for the last time”.

It took me nine months to realise it, but the only useful thing about Apple’s £479 smartwatch was the weather notifications

Ouch!! But it’s a sentiment that I share…I stopped wearing my Microsoft Band2 a couple of weeks ago – my Mi Band Puls is still on my right wrist, my proper watch on my left!

The author completely nails the issue in a single (but quite long) sentence:

“….a few fundamental flaws of the watch suffice to explain 95% of the issues: the watch is too slow to act as a speedy alternative to your phone; the user interface is too fiddly to use on the move; the notification model is too limited to do anything other than encourage you to pull out your phone repeatedly; and Siri sucks.

A similar catalogue or errors can be applied to the MS Band2. It’s too clumpy, it requires too much manual intervention to track activity, the battery sucks and it isn’t waterproof.

So, here we have 2 of the largest bands in the world taking £billions of our money and still not getting the point.

The technology is supposed to improve our lives, makers things easier to do, make things better and do things we wouldn’t previously been able to do. So instead of ramming tech into a small space with a tiny screen and a crappy battery why not think what the customer actually wants….

  1. Something comfortable and stylish to wear 24/7.
  2. Excellent battery life
  3. A touchscreen I can read outdoors
  4. Notifications that mean something
  5. health/activity tracking – the standard package
  6. Waterproof

I’d suggest using an e-ink screen with a horizontal display as a starting point…..Fitbit Alpha sort of size for the whole shebang and sure I’d be happy to pay £200 for that because as long as the software/firmware keeps getting updated the device should last me for years, not just a few months which appears to be the current lifetime for some of the devices on the market- alright almost all of them!!!

Perhaps the industry’s desire to keep making us buy the next iteration (to keep their profits rolling in) is why they keep dumping these half-arsed products on the market. Nobody, as I mean NOBODY has got it right yet.

So if there’s someone out there with a couple of £million to spare I reckon I could come up with the goods in a few months – all I need is a few techies to integrate the stuff that’s already out there in the public domain – and yes, I am being serious here!!

Apple store acolytes – blind faith or ignorance?

My son’s iPhone 4 has developed an issue – the WIFI connection is not working – the button has been greyed out and resetting it to factory settings doesn’t work.  So, off we went to the Apple store in MK, waited in line for an audience and listened while a young man tried to tell us because we’d updated the software it was obviously “a latent hardware issue” and that Apple were not aware of any Wifi issues….!

Resisting the temptation to reprise John Cleese in the Dead Parrot sketch and not being prepared to pay them, far too much, for the opportunity to let them have a look at it we left.

Anyway it seems that the network operators are aware of the problem – according to helpful chap in the Vodafone shop “everyone knows it’s a software problem” and so apparently does the internet….let’s see what Google comes up with shall we?

Oh look, “About 22,100,000 results (0.70 seconds)”

Search Results

iOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections › Support
Learn how to troubleshoot Wi-Fi1 issues you may encounter while using your iPhone, … Follow these steps to troubleshoot the above issues:.

Having Wi-Fi problems with iOS 8? Here’s how to fix it

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No need for iOS 8 hate. Here are fixes for Wi-Fi and battery

http://www.techradar.comNews by technology

 24 Sep 2014 – Like clockwork, iOS 8 bugs are making Apple’s flat-looking operating system feel a little more uneven partially due to Wi-Fi connection glitches …

How To Fix iOS 8 Wi-Fi Issues On iPhone And iPad

25 Sep 2014 – Experiencing slow or Wi-Fi related issues on iOS 8 running on iPhone, iPad? Try this simple fix to get things up and running in no time.
How to Fix iPhone 4S Wi-Fi Grayed Out – iFixit…/22167

A common problem in the iPhone 4S, sometimes the Wi-Fi button will be grayed out and unclickable. This problem seems to be related to thermal shock—the …

How to fix iPhone WiFi connectivity issues? | CopyTrans Blog

28 Aug 2013 – Do you experience one or more of the iPhone WiFi connection problems … This is by far the most common iPhone WiFi connectivity problem.

iOS 8 Users Seeing Issues With Battery Drain, Slow Wi-Fi

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iOS 8 Hit By WiFi And Battery Life Complaints – Forbes…/2014/09/…/ios-8-wifi-and-battery-life-problems

22 Sep 2014 – Reports are spreading of WiFi and battery life problems for iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad mini owners. Apple is yet to respond.

Solving Wifi issue on iPhone 4S – YouTube

5 Jan 2014 – Uploaded by Kapil B

After upgrading my iPhone 4S to iOS 7.0.4, i noticed that the Wifibutton had greyed out. This meant i could …

Hmmm there seems to be some sort of pattern here…

  1. Design some fantastic products that everybody loves.
  2. Make these devices and introduce business practices that stop the people who’ve bought them from doing anything with them that you don’t sanction (i.e. make money from)
  3. Become sufficiently arrogant that you believe that you can do no wrong.
  4. Deny that you’re wrong even when you are wrong
  5. Refuse to apologise when the world has proved that you were wrong
  6. Become a tarnished brand making products that people no longer love
  7. Lose!!

Well I think Apple may have reached its peak and now the emperor’s new clothes have been seen for what they are.

Back to the specifics of the greyed out wifi issue, which even Apple seem to be aware of,  and I’m now having to control myself as I’m beginning to chortle having read the way that some people recommend you deal with this “KNOWN”  problem – that’s KNOWN” young Mr Apple acolyte – remember that “KNOWN”.  What’s that you ask well :

“A common problem in the iPhone 4S, sometimes the Wi-Fi button will be grayed out and unclickable. This problem seems to be related to thermal shock—the problem may be temporarily fixed by simply putting the phone in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, or under a lamp for 30 minutes.

If this is the case, then the necessary permanent solution is to reflow the Murata SW SS1830010 Wi-Fi chip on the logic board.”

And “WTF is “reflowing” when that’s at home” I hear you ask – well it basically means giving the chip a blast of hot air…you’ll need one of these:

..and then you need to do this:

  • Set the temperature of the air gun on 280-300°C
  • Set a low air flow; 1 or 2 (on a 1 to 7 scale).
  • Now, doing circular movement, you have to reflow for 4-5 minutes.
  • Be careful to reflow only the wifi chip and not any of the surrounding ICs or circuits.
  • After 5 minutes, set the temperature to 250-260 °C for other 5 minutes.

Alternatively you could probably collect all the acolytes wearing their red t-shirts in the MK Apple store together and get them to stand around your phone spouting the messages they’ve learned by rote – I’m sure it would have the same effect!!

If the thermal shock doesn’t work it might be time for the man in the MK outdoor market to have a go and see what he can do.  I certainly won’t be asking Apple for any more help, I won’t be trading it in for a new one either.  If this is a dead (Wifi) phone then the slug is probably a good swap – either way I’m not paying for any more Apple products – and I absolutely loved the first iPhone I had.

So, “Blind Faith” or “Ignorance”?  I’ll leave that up to you dear reader!

Another sneaky Apple trick

I use to have an iPhone – now I’m a confirmed Android fan – just loving that I can do this whenever I choose – or this for that matter – the freedom is fantastic!  Freedom is the issue I’m focussing on right now….the freedom to do what I choose with photographs I take.

Recently I decided to rebuild my personal website and as part of that I thought I’d try and pull into one place a lot of the things I’m interested in.  Part of that was to link some of my current online photo albums from Google’s Picasa site to my latest site – built using WordPress.  As is often the case with WordPress someone has usually already built the app to help you achieve that so thanks to Mikhail Koslov in this instance.

Linking the albums seemed to be a piece of cake….or so I thought!

Most of the albums that I’d created using my Panasonic Lumix camera got linked across seamlessly!  However I noticed that whilst other albums were linked the photographs wouldn’t load to the new site.  On further investigations it appeared that these were photos taken with my iPhone.St Lucia 470

I had to resort to opening the images individually in Fireworks and then saving them as new files and uploading them to Picasa again- guess what?  They synced across without a problem!

I can only infer that one of 2 things has occured:

  1. Our friends in Cupertino have added something to the properties of the file that do not allow them to be transferred to a secondary web site.
  2. Google has added some code which stops this happening.

On the basis that Google allows all my other photos to be transferred it has to be the weasels in Cupertino.

RT Piss off, Apple. Stop trying to control what people do with their own devices.

See it’s not just me who keeps going on about how #Apple is trying to control what you can and cannot do with a device you’ve paid £400+ for! Here’s Joe Goodden’s tweet:

Joe Goodden ‏@joegoodden
Piss off, Apple. Stop trying to control what people do with their own devices.

His tweet was retweeted by Aral Balkan
Aral Balkan ‏@aral
If Apple implements ability to wirelessly disable the camera on my iPhone I will stop using an iPhone.

Aral, I already have – all this stuff about patents for ideas in the public domain, non-ownership of digital content, inability to personalise MY device to MY hearts content

He then went goes further making the obvious (but it still needed to be said) point:

Aral Balkan ‏@aral
It’s pretty clear that if we want a world where we have control over our devices & data, we have to create open products that compete on UX

Or is this what Apple does so it can ensure that it gets its own way in the US law courts?

As to remotely disabling functionality such as the camera that’s just obscene – surely it’s an infringement of one’s civil liberties – doesn’t the Human Rights Act cover off freedoms such as this. I know that in the UK and elsewhere there are laws in existence which prevent people from photographing certain locations – and I understand that there are National Security issues but allowing a frigging patent? What is going on between Apple and US Government?

Interesting also that allegedly Apple is about to launch 10 new products….whilst I’m certain they will look gorgeous, be made brilliantly and work superbly I for one won’t be looking to purchase one – and I urge you all to make the same statement – Piss off, Apple. Stop trying to control what people do with their own devices.

The original article is shown below – a straight copy from the web

Apple granted a patent to wirelessly disable cameras on iphones in certain locations

Recording, communicating during protests, political events could be restricted

Steve Watson
Sept 3, 2012

Apple was granted a patent last week that will enable it to wirelessly disable the camera on iphones in certain locations, sparking fears that such techniques could be used to prevent citizens from communicating with each other or taking video during protests or events such as political conventions and gatherings.

The camera phone has revolutionized the flow of information in the digital age. Any time a major event takes place, news networks and video websites are immediately inundated with footage and photographs from the scene.

That could all change in the future however, with a flick of a switch, according to  U.S. Patent No. 8,254,902, published on Tuesday, titled, “Apparatus and methods for enforcement of policies upon a wireless device.”.

Apple, big brands, media

I’m sorry this Apple v Samsung verdict is just a joke

Has anyone read the interview on the BBC website – you really should…it’s revealing –  and ultimately quite alarming.

The jury foreman seems to be absolutely critical in all this – he read the source code, he knew about the patent system, he spoke to Reuters about what he wanted to do – isn’t this a bone-fide case of one man influencing the rest of the jurors – the whole basis of a jury trial is that they review the evidence put before them – not what one person may or may not know….

Do you think if you hadn’t been on the jury then we might have ended up with a very different verdict?

“I think so. But let’s not say me specifically.

Let’s say if there had not been an individual who had the technical background, and there had not been an individual who had gone through the process, the verdict might have been different – or it might have been the same.”

…and not forgetting this piece of obtuse logic…

“What was the crucial bit of evidence that convinced you to give a verdict that was so decisive in Apple’s favour rather than Samsung’s?”

“One of the most decisive pieces of evidence was reading the minutes for myself of a meeting that was held at a very high level between Google executives and Samsung executives.

It was for a tablet and Google was concerned that for the sake of their operating system that the look and feel and the methodology that they [Samsung] were using to create their tablet was getting too close to what Apple was doing.”

…”the look and feel

..err doesn’t the article also mention that the jury rejected Apple’s claim that the shape of its iPad had been infringed by Samsung.

I hope for his sake that Velvin (sic) Hogan of his company Multicast Labs are in no way linked to Apple or any of its investors or supporters.  I expect that the tech media will be going through his public (and private if they can) utterances to look for any evidence of bias!



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How & why can you patent something already in the public domain?

It’s a perfectly simple question – surely if it’s already out there and people know about it how can someone patent the idea 5 years later? Isn’t that theft? That’s the way it works in music – if someone claims that a riff is theirs but later it turns out that someone else wrote it they get pilloried in the media and are forced to pay up in court…

So why has Apple been given $1bn for an idea they ripped off?

I’m not going to go into the legal details because the issue is laid out far better by MAXWELL KENNERLY, ESQ. of the Beasley Firm, LLC. In his excellent and well referenced article he states:-

“On December 14, 2007, Apple laid claim to the supposed novel invention of “list scrolling and document translation, scaling, and rotation on a touch-screen display,” the formal title of United States Patent 7,469,381 B2, with a patent application granted after a year-long review by the patent office that apparently didn’t include watching this scene from 2002’s Minority Report, where Tom Cruise does all of those things and more with a spiffy 3D interface.”