Introduction: Father of 2 children Ella and Jaime living in rural Buckinghamshire. Lover of technology and sport

Bragging rights: Part of the team that created the world’s 1st Internet Screenfridge

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Relationship: In one!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Mrs Tricia M Cox says:

    Hi currently I am a customer with Scottish power, however I have had issues since 16th February, with trying to sort out payments and direct debits, a number of times I have been promised a call back and still nothing.

    i have even sent an email to the customer care team with an email back saying that they will be looking into this matter apart from that nothing.

    I have sent another two emails today along with a telephone call to a gentleman called Jason who informed me her would send an email.

    As a customer I am not sure at all where the professional team are but this is getting passed a joke. I would like someone to respond to me today my contact details are 07961 405446

    Mrs Cox

    • Clearly I’m nothing to do with Scottish power but if you are on Twitter (and believe me it’s worth it if you find a big company isn’t responding by other means) you can post your dissatisfaction along with their Twitter name which is @SP_EnergyPeople – I’ve found this approach particularly useful in getting a quick response!!

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