Yes I’m still here – unlike the FSS (thankfully!)

Yep relax, I’m still here, still ready to vent my anger and frustrations at poor service – as well as handing out congratulations to those that do good – sad there are so few!!  In these times of political chaos, increased racism and a sense of general malaise I will aim to be a beacon of clarity and incisiveness 🙂

Since we last communicated I have successfully retired from full time employment.  This allows me to speak more freely on certain topics – such as the state of the forensics market.  Which to be fair has had some good news after some senior policemen finally had the bottle to stand up to the Home Office and say enough is enough.  This was followed by the main forensic science providers also weighing in to say “hang on this is a joke — you expect everything but want to pay next to nothing”.  Thankfully the Home Office has seen sense – well they had been financially maintaining the smallest of the 3 for some months now – and prices had been increased.

At the same time wtf is “transforming forensics”?  Answer – a complete waste of time and money.  You have to see their “vision” to believe it. Hey, I worked in marketing for more than 30 years, the last 15 in the forensic market and I can tell you – it’s b*ll*ocks.  A mass of words on a diagram that looks like a small child came up with it, and a powerpoint presentation that is full on hyperbole, buzzwords and has absolutely no substance whatsoever – £30m to get this far?  Waste a waste of money!

I’ve switched off so well that I hadn’t even noticed this recent article in the media warning that the forewnswic labs are near collapse… ”

Fears raised about miscarriages of justice and unsolved crimes

Well we know that the smallest of the 3 labs has been in a financial mess for some months now bu the larger 2 are much better positioned.  But as per normal we get hysterical headlines – “miscarriages of justice”?  Why? The labs are all working to quality standards – which the police are trying tor not to catch up on, and unsolved crimes is down to the police not investigating them e.g. burglaries or by not submitting some evidence because they don’t have the budget to do that.

In reality this article should be about how the government has cut police budgets by 30%+ and has forced a procurement system on the market where quality is no longer as important as price – low price!  People the FSS has gone, it wasn’t fit for purpose so ffs get over that and stop claiming that a decline in standards has followed that – no it hasn’t.  Standards have risen dramatically – just not in the police force labs.  This market can only support 3 major providers (which clearly is what the government wants) if the police have the budget to pay a fair price.

Finally why are the journalists who are reporting on this so poorly informed – or are they just lazy!


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