The World’s Best Biscuit

I’ve said this before, there is no argument here – Furniss of Truro’s Cornish Fairings ARE the World’s Best Biscuit – period! End of!  If you haven’t tried them then your view is irrelevant, if you have – you know what I’m saying is true – right?

I was brought up on these crunchy ginger biscuits.  From my early years on the cliff at Whitesand Bay through my years away at college in Coventry and then Reading the taste has never left me – not even now another 40 odd years later!  I’m delighted to say that thanks to my daughter I have a box in my cupboard right now – dunked in coffee – oh, I can barely contain myself 🙂

Who would have thought that the combination of the following ingredients would deliver such joy?  Wheat Flour, Sugar, Invert Sugar Syrup, Butter (Milk), Vegetable Fat (Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil), Rice Flour,  Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate, Ammonium Bicarbonate), Rusk (Wheat Flour, Salt, Raising Agent: Ammonium Bicarbonate, Spices), Salt, Natural Lemon Flavouring.  But Mr John Cooper Furniss and his descendants have created the perfect match of flavour, crunch and dunkability!

No surprise then that…

In 2007, Furniss secured an official trademark to preserve Cornwall’s most famous biscuit. Now we’re the only bakery licensed to make Original Cornish Fairings™. If you find yourself eating only one then stopping, please check the pack…they might be imposters.

Some people, yeah like imposters, have tried to come up with a recipe for Cornish Fairings – Paul Hollywood  and Mary Berry to name but 2 (charlatans indeed!) – sorry Mary, but they don’t look anything like the real deal.

Cornish through and through, Fairings should be gently spicy, crunchy and very moreish. The name ‘Fairing’ comes from a present bought at the fairs which were held every year at Whitsuntide and Corpus Christi – a little gift for a loved one or a sweetheart consisting of a gingerbread, sugared almonds, cinnamon sticks or macaroons.

Sadly as well as baking imposters and charlatans there are there are other views about what the best biscuit is out there!  Poor misguided fools who have probably never heard of Fairings or of Furniss of Truro – they have my pity… Channel 5 even did a survey for a TV programme ludicrously named “Britain’s Favourite Biscuit (snort!) and came up with the following list:

  1. Chocolate Digestive
  2. Chocolate Hobnob
  3. Jammie Dodger
  4. Custard Creme
  5. Shortbread
  6. Bourbon
  7. Jaffa Cake
  8. Ginger Nut
  9. Digestive
  10. Wagon Wheel
  11. Kit Kat
  12. Caramel Wafer
  13. Double chocolate chip cookie
  14. Rich Tea
  15. Fig Roll
  16. Milk chocolate chip cookie
  17. Malted Milk
  18. Chocolate Finger
  19. Hob Nob
  20. Chunky Cookie

Dog biscuits – the lot of them – and a chocolate digestive at #1 – oh, p-lease!

The Metro fared no better when it released it’s findings – not even close people, not even close!

So, what, you may ask, makes the perfect biscuit?  Well here are 10 tips – thanks to for starting me off…

  1. Freeze your butter. Start with frozen butter. …
  2. Use a sift to mix your dry ingredients. …
  3. Never use your hands. …
  4. Use the well technique for combining dry and wet ingredients. …
  5. Only work on cold surfaces like wood or metal. …
  6. Cut and stack the dough. …
  7. Do not twist the ring mold. …
  8. Do not use the leftover dough.
  9. Throw all of this away
  10. Buy a pack of Furniss of Truro’s Cornish Fairings

There you are!  It’s really very, very simple.  So just give up – the champion has been crowned – Furniss of Truro’s Original Cornish Fairings – take a bow!


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