CRM – it’s supposed to be multi-channel you muppets! (Scottish Power)

muppet1You all know what a CRM system is don’t you – it’s a “Customer Relationship Management” system – it helps you deal with customers in the right way…….

Well as some of you will no doubt already know I’ve had a few run ins with Scottish Power and here as well – dear god they are really shite at this CRM stuff you know.  It’s not just me that thinks that way either…

Scottish Power gets ‘record number of complaints’

Well the saga continues.  Clearly my letter to Lynda Clayton back in 2015 hasn’t worked – after all she’s still the Customer Services Director – how did that happen!!

Despite changing to a new provider a year ago I am still having to deal with their inability to do several things you would think a large company might have got sorted by now:

  1. Communicate with me via a channel which I can easily reply to them via – “” is not good.
  2. Stop asking me to log into my account to read a message when the system doesn’t allow me to set up an online account in the first place because I have 2 meters at my property – a night storage one and a general electricity one. I was promised that this would have been sorted almost 18 months ago…..nada!
  3. Calculate my bill properly – in the past year, since I have switched provider, I have had 3 separate and completely different “final” bills – they varied by 300%!  Interestingly the last one was the highest one!
  4. Respond to emails and tweets I manage to send to them promptly – the last email has still not been responded to and the most recent tweets has taken about 9 days to be answered.
  5. Don’t expect me to be left hanging on the phone for over 30 minutes while I wait for one of their operators to get round to talking to me – if my call WAS important you’d answer faster! Too many calls?  Get more operators FFS – or improve your service!

I could go on but I thought I’d just copy and paste their most recent threat –  note that it ignores any communication I have had with them – CRM – it’s supposed to be multi-channel you muppets!

Is this acceptable behaviour from a large company?  I wonder what the board of directors would think about it?


The Board of Directors is currently made up of the following directors:

Title Type Of Director
Mr. Ignacio S. Galán  Chairman Non-Independent, Non-Executive
Lord John Kerr of Kinlochard GCMG  Vice Chairman Independent, Non-Executive
Mr. José Miguel Alcolea  Member Non-Independent, Non-Executive
Mr. José Sáinz Armada  Member Non-Independent, Non-Executive
Mr. Juan Carlos Rebollo  Member Non-Independent, Non-Executive
Ms. Susan Deacon  Member Independent, Non-Executive
Mr. Keith Anderson  Chief Corporate Officer Non-Independent, Executive
Sir Tom Farmer CBE  Member Independent, Non-Executive
Professor Sir Jim McDonald Member Independent, Non-Executive

The Secretary of the Board of Directors is Ms. Marion Venman.

muppet2Perhaps it’s time to raise another complaint with OfGen or maybe add some more pithy comments to the Scottish Power Facebook page – yeah they don’t respond to them either.  Twitter?  Well this post will end up on my Twitter feed and I know they’re monitoring it – perhaps they’ll respond – who knows – they clearly don’t care – except about getting money and threatening customers….

I’d quite like to see them here….

Oh and here’s the letter threat…sorry it’s an email!!

From: Scottish Power []
Sent: 26 January 2016 04:03
Subject: ***SPAM*** Make your final payment to avoid charges and credit default


Urgent action required


Make your final payment to avoid charges and credit default


Dear   Mr XXXXX


You still haven’t made your final electricity payment. If you do not pay or make a repayment arrangement, we can register a credit default against you and add collection charges to your account.


Please make a payment online of £xxx.xx as soon as possible or by calling us on our 24 hour payment line on 0800 001 5115.


Or you can call us on 0800 001 5168 to discuss an affordable payment arrangement. We’re open Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm.


More ways to pay and what can happen if you don’t pay can be found in My Messages.


Yours sincerely
Lynda Clayton

Customer Service Director


P.S. Already made a payment? We will update your account as soon as we receive this payment. Please ignore this letter.


Account: 93619097028

Postcode: **** 0BS





Make Your Payment





For security, full details of this message can be found when you log in to
My Messages




Any questions?


View our help & advice



Energy efficiency


Find out more



Proud to Support


Cancer Research UK




Stay connected




Download the app





This is a service message containing important information about your ScottishPower account. Please do not reply to this email as it is sent from an unmanned mailbox.


We understand the importance of keeping your personal details safe. To find out more, visit


Scottish Power Limited. Registered Office: 1 Atlantic Quay, Glasgow G2 8SP. Registered in Scotland No: 193794


But what I’d just like to say to Scottish Power is this…..



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