Postscript on BT and femtocells

Well of course I had a conversation with BT about it….and here it is!

It starts off with me telling them my mobile coverage is poor…

Nicola: Hello. I’m Nicola. Thanks for that information, I’ll check it and get back to you in a moment.

Nicola: Hi Paul May I take your postcode?

paul west: XXXX XXX

paul west: The signal is poor west of the road but non-existent east of the road! Guess which side I live on!

paul west: Given that I have BT Broadband – which is also no more than 3mb at its best and obviously a BT phone line and BT Sport I’d really expect better from you!

paul west: All the other networks seem to have a reasonable signal but not you – why is that?

Nicola: I am sorry that you are unhappy with the coverage. I have checked your postcode on the EE coverage checker and it estimates 3 bars but this can be subject to other factors such as thick walls, trees and interference

Interesting she didn’t use the BT coverage checker…!


paul west: No it doesn’t say that at all. If you do as I suggest – as in actually look at the map itself – (ed. this was actually using a different coverage checker to be fair!) – not the inaccurate text to the left of the map you’ll see there is NO coverage at all. When will you be improving this? It seems unfair to be paying full price for a network I cannot use for almost 50% of the time?

paul west: I note that you are also hassling me to resign a BT Sport contract with you – 5 months at least before my existing contract finishes…

Nicola: We are notifying all our customers about the upcoming BT Sport packages as we are the only place to see the Champions League games and we need to notify customers of changes to pricing etc…..Regrettably I am unable to reduce the price of your BT Mobile plan. We cannot guarantee 100% coverage in all areas. I have checked your account and can see that you have been able to use the Mobile data allowance that we offer with your sim

Oh dear she let’s her self wide open for the next bit!


paul west: In fact you’ll see that I’m able to use less than half of that allowance – and I’ve only been able to use 81 minutes out of 500 – clearly if your network functioned as advertised at my home I’d have used more!

OK here I offer her a way out….

paul west: Do you – like your competitors – offer a “femtocell” a localised signal booster which is linked to my (BT) broadband account? If not when do you plan to improve the quality of service – as in actually provide me with a service – at my home?

Nicola: We use EE and there are EE signal boosters in the market that you can purchase however we do not supply them here at the moment

Just try and find somewhere where you can actually buy them

paul west: So I have to buy one!!! Vodafone provide them by allowing a discount to match the purchase price off the bill – shouldn’t you be doing the same?

Nicola: I can note your feedback on this. we arent supplying them at the moment but perhaps we will when we acquire EE

paul west: So will you give me a discount off my bill because I HAVE to buy one to be able to use that part of the service I am paying for for 50% of the time?

Nicola: no sorry I am unable to do that

So how do think that makes me feel?

Yep that’s right – really really p*ssed off!  Churn baby churn!

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