Lies, damn lies, and mobile network coverage

Look I know we’ve all been talking about the way that broadband companies advertise their services in a distinctly dodgy way but the same is true for mobile operators!  Like plenty of other people if I could ditch my home phone for my mobile I would!  The trouble is where I live – and that accounts for approx 50% of my time the mobile signal is just about non-existant.  Believe me I’ve tried most if not all of the operators.

The only time is seemed to work well was when I got a Vodafone Sure Signal-  a femtocell which boosts the signal in your house and then uses your broadband channel to route the signal back to the network – brilliant – only it’s stopped working! Vodafone were really good about it – they gave me the device in order to keep me as a customer.  Well here’s their coverage below – so hardly surprising they’ve been so good!


Well I’ve now moved over to BT Mobile – and I have to say all this crap about EE (the network they bought) having the widest coverage is laughable – the quality of signal I’m getting just about everywhere is much, much worse than Vodafone.  Here’s BT Mobile’s view of what I’m getting…


Now according to that graph I should be getting a “Good” signal when actually I’m getting NO signal at all inside the house and frankly it’s barely any better outside – do you remember the days of trying to get your phone as high as possible so you could send a text?  Well that’s what I’m having to do!!

So I thought maybe I should check out O2 – perhaps being more dog (WTF!) might help….


Nope it still won’t work indoors!  Blimey do I feel that I live in the 3rd world? Yes sirree!

Now you would have thought that technology would have sorted this out by now – not enough reason to build a new mast well provide boosters to fill in the – now what did BT call them when they announced the deal to take over EE – “not spots” – yes that was it!  Indeed EE allegedly have their own version of the Sure Signal – “Signal Box” – costing anywhere from £14.99 (and discounted to free) to £89!

WTF!  £89 to pay to get the service you’re already paying for – in your dreams!

I’ve got one word to say to the people who run these mobile networks “CHURN”!  Why are churn rates so high?  Because your network coverage is S**T!

This is increasingly important when we know damn well that the operators are seeking to develop one stop multi-media services – BT Broadband (shite), BT Sport (hassling you to pay more for it suddenly) and BT fixed line – yes guys when will you upgrade the local exchange?  The worse the service these players deliver on one of more of these elements – oh dear BT big trouble ahead – the greater the likelihood that they will fail.

Do I want to watch all the champions league goals – yes I do but it won’t be the end of the world if I don’t, and right now I think I’m not going to renew my contract with them.  I’ll also not renew my SIM only mobile contract with them and that leaves Broadband and home phone as the only elements I’ll be using….

I wonder what SKY are offering as a phone/broadband package….?  I can see BT ending up like the Post Office – not fit for purpose!

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