I’ve just lost my Virgin-ity

OK thought that might make you read a bit further!!

I’m part of the generation that has grown up and got old with Virgin – the brand.  I’ve been an ardent supporter of “the beardyman” and his record label, his airline and basically just about anything to do with his brand (not Virgin bride though – that was too scary!).  Sadly I’ve just come to to the conclusion that things ain’t what they’re supposed to be.


Specifically I’ve just confirmed to Virginmoney that I will no longer actively be using their services – which is a shame, but they have been making so many mistakes since they took over running things from MBNA that it isn’t worth it anymore.  I’m sure the man himself will be p*ssed off if he ever gets to listen to my phone calls with them….

I’ll give you a bit more detail here so you can see I’m not making any snap, unreasonable decisions.

A few years ago when my wife was ill we decided it would be a good idea if I had a credit card registered in my own name, rather than our joint accounts – after a look around I decided I’d go for the Virgin card as I was a Virgin supporter.

Well everything had been running well with the card – hardly surprising when you learn that it was actually run by MBNA who are one of the leaders in the co-branded card market – they’re big and they’re good at what they do.

I got a letter a couple of months ago from Virgin saying they were taking over responsibility for running the service, fine I thought, and I even agreed to change to paying my monthly bill by direct debit – I’d been doing a manual bank transfer for years!  It had been working fine – then in late March I noticed late payment and interest charges on my account – it transpires that the money left my account ok but took several days to be credited to the Virgin account – I was not happy! However after calling them they agreed to refund these charges – well, that’s the Virgin way I thought – even though it did take almost 2 minutes to get to the point where you’re actually waiting for someone to talk to you!

Anyway the letter about the changeover had told me what to do, so I went online and set up the DD, and thought no more about it…..

And then I checked my account around the 18th of April only to discover more late payment and interest charges – WTF!  I checked with my bank to make sure I’d done things correctly and yes they informed me that the DD had been set up on the 30th March and was fine from their end – it was just that Virgin hadn’t requested any money!   It took a couple of calls but again Virgin realised that the DD hadn’t been set up properly at their end, but was now OK and on the next payment due date 18th May they’d take the 2 months money – minus any charges still showing on the account.  They agreed it was their responsibility that things had gone wrong and were helpful enough to tell em that any negative marks that would be showing on my credit score would be removed – it might take 60 days but they’d be erased – as was right and proper.

So I had a problem yesterday buying something on eBay -but put it down to the new eBay checkout – it’s sh*te!  But this lunchtime when I went to pay for my petrol the card was declined…..oh dear.

When I called them I was passed through to the “special team” and a young lady informed me that my card had been stopped as it was a month in arrears…..I suggested, politely (honest!) that she should read the notes on the file – I hung on for about 5 minutes and she came back and didn’t offer me anything new other than to suggest that she could get the team to call me this evening to go through what had gone wrong and what they were doing about it (the DD!).  This wasn’t of any use to me – and she went off again to speak to her manager…another 4 minutes and she came back – with again nothing new – no offer to reinstate my card immediately – nothing!

So I hope you think it’s fair that I told them that I would not be using the card anymore – well I can’t currently – and that I would wait for the DD to take the money from my account – this month and then the following month and after that I will cancel the DD and that will be that.


I really, really am disappointed by Virgin on this – they have had the chance to resolve it and failed abysmally – I can’t trust them with my money if this is the way they treat it – they don’t appear to be able to manage a financial services system.

So if anyone knows of a good deal – a really good deal, on new credit cards then I’m up for it!

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