An open letter to Lynda Clayton Customer Service Director of Scottish Power

Dear Lynda

Ref: ACC no: 93619097028

Thank you for your email which arrived in my inbox at approx. 1.31am – gosh you do work long hours, but then given the state of your operation it’s hardly surprising!

I would liked to have been able to respond to the email – it would be the most natural and obvious thing to allow me to do – after all you chose to use email as the medium of communication – however the email address you used is “Scottish Power” <> and guess what it generates a fail message.  Oh dear me!

I have already had to take you to the energy ombudsman once to resolve a complaint – successfully on my account I would add.

I don’t want to have to do it again so please, please, please check your records and identify the data.  It’s a simple matter to sort the correct details for my final payment (surely?) – it’s just that I’m not prepared to do it on estimated readings – knowing how you’ve managed to transpose them in the past I have asked for a bill based on confirmed readings.

Is that such a hard thing to do?  I mean the Government is always encouraging us to switch – or is it your policy to make it as inaccurate and complicated (for the customer)as possible to test their resolve and win through “inertia”.

So the ball is in your court – it has been for some time – so perhaps I could paraphrase the words you use in your email.

It is very important that you sort this now to avoid compensation being added to my account.

BTW – I don’t respond well to threats – you’ve tried that before and look where it got you!

Yours in ever increasing levels of both frustration and concern that we may end up in the ombudsman’s office – again!

etc etc.

13 thoughts on “An open letter to Lynda Clayton Customer Service Director of Scottish Power

  1. Liz Chapman says:

    Dear Lynda,

    I have not yet received a response to the letter I sent you, my bill was on lock down whilst I waited for my meter to be checked for malfunction (since April 2015), for the third time Scottish Power engineers failed to attend (the only time they came was when I had cancelled them in advance!), and I believe that my bill should continue to be frozen until the Ombudsman has completed their investigation. Despite registering my complaints via the online complaints form, and receiving repeated automated emails assuring me that Scottish Power are dealing and I need do no more, there has been no action or communication whatsoever.

    And you ask me to pay my bill?


    Liz Chapman

  2. this exact same thing is happening to me. i even have proof i paid and settled the account

  3. lynda clayton says:

    Lynda Clayton Customer Service Director of Scottish Power. Nope! she is a name that they issue for their pathetic customer service team to hide behind. She is NOT real. She is a faceless computer name that sends out blanket emails with no thought of starting a conversation. trust me!

  4. David Robinson says:

    I to am having problems with Scottish power and there meter readings and can not get an answer from anyone at Scottish power they must be the worst company to be in business ever when they go bust it will not be soon enough for me !

  5. D B Jarmey says:

    Yes they are still very poor!
    Dear Customer care.
    I am at my witts end with Scottish Power!
    I changed banks back in July and also informed you immediately to ensure my direct debit payments were continuous.
    Today while checking my account, I realised that you had taken no payments, and I now owed over £1052.95, so I immediately phoned your office.
    We went round in circles getting nowhere with your representative, It was very frustrating as he reckoned it was probably my bank Santander not authorising the payments. He did say thathe saw my new bank details were in place though !!!
    Anyway I offered to pay the complete balance there and then, but was advised to think about it and pay on line later. That was a joke, as I have now tried about eight times with three different cards
    and they were all rejected. ( “Whoops something has gone wrong” it says on your screen) The cards all had good funds in place too, so lets not blame the cards.
    Furthermore your site kept crashing even while I was talking to your rep and I had to keep trying to log in. This again was mostly in vain. Gives me lots of confidence this!
    I was also told that I had various messages on my account page, but everytime I tried to view them I got logged out!
    Again this evening, I tried to talk to someone but after hanging on for over ten minutes I gave up!
    Now you know why I am at my witts end

    To this end, I have now paid by transfer directly into your account.
    I am also now very worried that I am even getting the best deal.


    D Jarmey

  6. Andrew Dawson says:

    I am experiencing an appalling level of service from
    this company. Customer Service?? What Customer Service?? Words fail me. What do I do in order to get a resolution?

  7. Paul Denyer says:

    More than a year after leaving Scottish Power I’ve received a letter demanding nearly £200 as outstanding debt for gas supplies. This figure is based on an estimated reading(!), I paid by direct debit when I was with Scottish Power and was only with them a matter of a few months before I (thankfully) moved supplier. Despite telling me that the matter has been transferred to the Complaints Team I continue to receive calls fro so-called Customer Services, always polite and always demanding payment. Letters to the CX go ignored and “Lynda Clayton” seems to be a made up marketing name as e-mails in various formats are returned as undeliverable. Request for a deadlock letter to take to Ombudsman are ignored. No wonder Scottish Power has one of the worst record for customer setvices across the industry

  8. naran bhudia says:

    Scottish power are the most incompetent company I know. Before pay point. I wonder if the share holders know about what goes on at Scottish power. If they did then Hedsor would sure roll. The left doesn’t know what the right is doing to many liers and lies.

  9. susan evans says:

    We have been having problems with scottish power since 2014 and also received letters from the mysterious lynda clayton.shes v ery good at dishing out orders but does not talk to any one induvidually.Our metre was broken for over a year and it took this company that amount of timeto put us a new metre in .During this time they should sent the fraud sqaud out to me not once but twice saying I had by passed the metre.eventually we agreed to pay 700pounds to put our account right, was sent flowers and wine by the director Paul Whitby with an apology and then two weeks later sent another bill for £600.I suppose this was to pay for the flowers and wine , and we are still trying to sort this problem out.Next stop is the ombudsman and anyone out there thinking of joining scottish power should think twice.The most RUBBISH company ever.

  10. Matt Lovell says:

    Oh Dear!!! I waited in for 2 boiler service appointments and no show. Just spent 1 hour on the phone spoke to 3 people and got hung up on. Not good customer service


    I am up to the back teeth with this charade, 8 estimate readings from £315.91…….. to ….£1,972.30…. countless emails…… and 2 hand written letters….. I have now received a threatening letter from a debt company face2face…. my reply is this … See you in court… Bring it on.

  12. Alan Ormerod says:

    My gripe is the fact that Scottish Power do not automatically put you on their cheapest tariffs, I went on a comparison website and discovered I could save over £400 a year by switching supplier, I telephoned Scottish Power a was told yes they had a cheaper deal. Why don’t they look after present customers better ?

  13. Ian Holloway says:

    Think I can beat you all on here. Scottish Power meter read my British Gas meter instead of electric meter in November 2014, 19 months, 52 phone calls , 48 different call centre agents, 30 letters, 5 meetings with my lawyer, 10 emails from him to Scottish Power, and the say according to the gas meter I owe £8500 for electric and they are sending the debt collectors in again, might be the same ones who laughed about it the last time they came. Oh and by the way I pay them £339, direct debit every month. You couldnt make it up. Thought the lawyer would get somewhere.

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