An open letter to Lynda Clayton Customer Service Director of Scottish Power

Dear Lynda

Ref: ACC no: 93619097028

Thank you for your email which arrived in my inbox at approx. 1.31am – gosh you do work long hours, but then given the state of your operation it’s hardly surprising!

I would liked to have been able to respond to the email – it would be the most natural and obvious thing to allow me to do – after all you chose to use email as the medium of communication – however the email address you used is “Scottish Power” <> and guess what it generates a fail message.  Oh dear me!

I have already had to take you to the energy ombudsman once to resolve a complaint – successfully on my account I would add.

I don’t want to have to do it again so please, please, please check your records and identify the data.  It’s a simple matter to sort the correct details for my final payment (surely?) – it’s just that I’m not prepared to do it on estimated readings – knowing how you’ve managed to transpose them in the past I have asked for a bill based on confirmed readings.

Is that such a hard thing to do?  I mean the Government is always encouraging us to switch – or is it your policy to make it as inaccurate and complicated (for the customer)as possible to test their resolve and win through “inertia”.

So the ball is in your court – it has been for some time – so perhaps I could paraphrase the words you use in your email.

It is very important that you sort this now to avoid compensation being added to my account.

BTW – I don’t respond well to threats – you’ve tried that before and look where it got you!

Yours in ever increasing levels of both frustration and concern that we may end up in the ombudsman’s office – again!

etc etc.

41 thoughts on “An open letter to Lynda Clayton Customer Service Director of Scottish Power

  1. Liz Chapman says:

    Dear Lynda,

    I have not yet received a response to the letter I sent you, my bill was on lock down whilst I waited for my meter to be checked for malfunction (since April 2015), for the third time Scottish Power engineers failed to attend (the only time they came was when I had cancelled them in advance!), and I believe that my bill should continue to be frozen until the Ombudsman has completed their investigation. Despite registering my complaints via the online complaints form, and receiving repeated automated emails assuring me that Scottish Power are dealing and I need do no more, there has been no action or communication whatsoever.

    And you ask me to pay my bill?


    Liz Chapman

  2. this exact same thing is happening to me. i even have proof i paid and settled the account

  3. lynda clayton says:

    Lynda Clayton Customer Service Director of Scottish Power. Nope! she is a name that they issue for their pathetic customer service team to hide behind. She is NOT real. She is a faceless computer name that sends out blanket emails with no thought of starting a conversation. trust me!

  4. David Robinson says:

    I to am having problems with Scottish power and there meter readings and can not get an answer from anyone at Scottish power they must be the worst company to be in business ever when they go bust it will not be soon enough for me !

  5. D B Jarmey says:

    Yes they are still very poor!
    Dear Customer care.
    I am at my witts end with Scottish Power!
    I changed banks back in July and also informed you immediately to ensure my direct debit payments were continuous.
    Today while checking my account, I realised that you had taken no payments, and I now owed over £1052.95, so I immediately phoned your office.
    We went round in circles getting nowhere with your representative, It was very frustrating as he reckoned it was probably my bank Santander not authorising the payments. He did say thathe saw my new bank details were in place though !!!
    Anyway I offered to pay the complete balance there and then, but was advised to think about it and pay on line later. That was a joke, as I have now tried about eight times with three different cards
    and they were all rejected. ( “Whoops something has gone wrong” it says on your screen) The cards all had good funds in place too, so lets not blame the cards.
    Furthermore your site kept crashing even while I was talking to your rep and I had to keep trying to log in. This again was mostly in vain. Gives me lots of confidence this!
    I was also told that I had various messages on my account page, but everytime I tried to view them I got logged out!
    Again this evening, I tried to talk to someone but after hanging on for over ten minutes I gave up!
    Now you know why I am at my witts end

    To this end, I have now paid by transfer directly into your account.
    I am also now very worried that I am even getting the best deal.


    D Jarmey

  6. Andrew Dawson says:

    I am experiencing an appalling level of service from
    this company. Customer Service?? What Customer Service?? Words fail me. What do I do in order to get a resolution?

  7. Paul Denyer says:

    More than a year after leaving Scottish Power I’ve received a letter demanding nearly £200 as outstanding debt for gas supplies. This figure is based on an estimated reading(!), I paid by direct debit when I was with Scottish Power and was only with them a matter of a few months before I (thankfully) moved supplier. Despite telling me that the matter has been transferred to the Complaints Team I continue to receive calls fro so-called Customer Services, always polite and always demanding payment. Letters to the CX go ignored and “Lynda Clayton” seems to be a made up marketing name as e-mails in various formats are returned as undeliverable. Request for a deadlock letter to take to Ombudsman are ignored. No wonder Scottish Power has one of the worst record for customer setvices across the industry

  8. naran bhudia says:

    Scottish power are the most incompetent company I know. Before pay point. I wonder if the share holders know about what goes on at Scottish power. If they did then Hedsor would sure roll. The left doesn’t know what the right is doing to many liers and lies.

  9. susan evans says:

    We have been having problems with scottish power since 2014 and also received letters from the mysterious lynda clayton.shes v ery good at dishing out orders but does not talk to any one induvidually.Our metre was broken for over a year and it took this company that amount of timeto put us a new metre in .During this time they should sent the fraud sqaud out to me not once but twice saying I had by passed the metre.eventually we agreed to pay 700pounds to put our account right, was sent flowers and wine by the director Paul Whitby with an apology and then two weeks later sent another bill for £600.I suppose this was to pay for the flowers and wine , and we are still trying to sort this problem out.Next stop is the ombudsman and anyone out there thinking of joining scottish power should think twice.The most RUBBISH company ever.

  10. Matt Lovell says:

    Oh Dear!!! I waited in for 2 boiler service appointments and no show. Just spent 1 hour on the phone spoke to 3 people and got hung up on. Not good customer service


    I am up to the back teeth with this charade, 8 estimate readings from £315.91…….. to ….£1,972.30…. countless emails…… and 2 hand written letters….. I have now received a threatening letter from a debt company face2face…. my reply is this … See you in court… Bring it on.

  12. David Healey says:

    Complaint against Scottish Power

    In February 2014 I and my partner moved into our new rented house, we are the legal tenants of the property.

    We agreed the start gas & electricity meter readings with the outgoing tenant.

    My partner contacted Scottish Power by phone & tried to arrange the taking over of the account.

    She is Japanese & although her spoken & written English is very very good, she could not understand or make herself understood to Anthony the customer service operator because of his very broad accent.

    I took over the conversation, & I too struggled to comprehend what he was saying, so the conversation ended with me telling him her name, the address, & the meter readings, telling him she wanted the cheapest online dual fuel paperless tariff, and requested that standing order mandates be put in the post to her.

    After approximately six months she started to receive & continued to receive letters addressed to a “Mr Daz”. As these communications were not addressed to her & she was not legally able to open them, they were correctly put in the postbox for return to Scottish Power with the words “not known at this address”.

    To date some 25+ communications have been recived & returned in this manner.

    The previous occupant of the property was Mr Omar Mohammed, his wife & 4 children.

    The occupants of the property before them were Mrs Beghum, her 3 children & her mother.

    Our local sorting office assures us that any such return to sender mail is treated very seriously & is returned to the originating address.

    On Friday the 26th February 2016 she returned home to discover that a forced entry at the front door had been attempted, & that the 2 credit meters situated at the front of the building had been changed for prepayment versions.

    A day later a plastic key for the electricity meter arrived in the post.

    No plastic card was supplied, as promised, to activate the gas meter.

    2 documents where put through the letterbox by their representatives Richburns on 26.02.2016 again addressed to Mr Daz.

    The first document addressed to a Mr Daz refers to a warrant of entry granted by the current resident’s local magistrate’s court, a demand for £1,028.49, some spurious reference about a dog plus the claim that the warrant permits the exchange of the electricity meter.

    The second document, again addressed to Mr Daz refers to pre-payment meter fitted & gas supply disabled, plus a demand for £826.56.

    It is my understanding that in order for Scottish Power to undertake these actions they would have needed some sort of court authority.

    I wrote to Scottish Power on her behalf to complain, & gave them my name just in order to communicate with them. They were expressly forbidden to return to the property, & their actions & demands disputed.

    Their response was to make me the account holder – which I am not, & presumably will make me responsible for their alleged & unsubstantiated arrears – which again I am not responsible for.

    At no point has she ever received any communications, bills, correspondence, or court documents in her name, or served upon her.

    It would appear that Scottish Power has obtained court documents permitting their behaviour, but in someone else’s name, plus they could only have done so by duping the magistrate & misleading the court.

    This means that their actions were unlawful & they committed criminal damage & trespass.

    At this point the account holder had in fact paid £1000+ towards her ongoing dual fuel usage, even though no signed agreement with Scottish Power exists.

    Demands for money have been made by Scottish Power, but no exact figure has ever been substantiated or agreed, as I believe all of their bills to be estimations.

    In spite of being forbidden to, Scottish Power returned & trespassed once again on the property in order to reset one of the meters.

    For every £10 loaded onto the gas meter, £7 is deducted for their alleged debt, when no debts are acknowledged & no prepayment arrangement was entered into.

    The installation of these prepayment meters means that the account holder cannot leave Scottish Power & is effectively trapped in their clutches.

    It has been over eight weeks from my original letter of complaint.

    All I have received from them thus far is a computer generated acknowledgement of my original complaint, plus 2 more computer generated letters stating they are investigating.

    We wish to make a formal complaint about Scottish Powers behaviour, which we believe to be unlawful, criminal, and an abuse of power.

    I am acting with the full knowledge & approval of the account holder, who wishes to remain anonymous, for now, because she is heavily pregnant & does not deserve any further stress & upset caused to her by Scottish Power’s actions.

  13. Alan Ormerod says:

    My gripe is the fact that Scottish Power do not automatically put you on their cheapest tariffs, I went on a comparison website and discovered I could save over £400 a year by switching supplier, I telephoned Scottish Power a was told yes they had a cheaper deal. Why don’t they look after present customers better ?

  14. Ian Holloway says:

    Think I can beat you all on here. Scottish Power meter read my British Gas meter instead of electric meter in November 2014, 19 months, 52 phone calls , 48 different call centre agents, 30 letters, 5 meetings with my lawyer, 10 emails from him to Scottish Power, and the say according to the gas meter I owe £8500 for electric and they are sending the debt collectors in again, might be the same ones who laughed about it the last time they came. Oh and by the way I pay them £339, direct debit every month. You couldnt make it up. Thought the lawyer would get somewhere.

    • Liz chapman says:

      Have you contacted the ombudsmen? Once they got involved SP backed down pretty quickly. Now with GB Energy who are a breath of fresh air, so far.

  15. Never in the history of UK utilities has a company distressed and depressed the people of the UK more than Scottish Power

    If your reading this your life has changed from an everyday happy go lucky guy/gal to a stressed out ,fed up ,angry,irate,short fused maniac and its all because of Scottish Power .

    A company so badly run you couldn’t sort it with 3 wishes ,endless phone calls 46ish in my cases, promises made and broken 4 times, internal communication within the company is something of a black art ,as for customer care, couldnae care would be a better description.

    Complaint number 1
    Quick resume of my nightmares
    I received a letter from them in November 2015 telling me I was in credit to the tune of £163.00
    Yahoo send me a check was my reply check came 7 days later £93 , they couldn’t understand why one wasnt issued for £163 they would get it sorted I tore up the check
    (my mistake should have sent it back) but the girl on the telephone knew I had torn it up so it was maybe going to be an issue later but it would get sorted ,its nearly June now ombudsman involved no check yet .

    Complaint Number 2

    My Meter, to cut a long story short , needed changing apparently,
    day rate night rate storage heaters etc I needed a new one or so they told me, we talked about it in December came and changed it eventually on Feb 4th , you can see they are on the ball, their technology knows no bounds ,that is till it comes to registering it that took, well its still not registered well it is but they cant tell me till the info comes back thats 6 weeks ago ???
    So Ive had enough ,got the old ombudsmen involved and we are up and running well I would be if they would send me the forms they were supposed to send me.

    Well theres another little hiccup after registering my complaint with the ombudsman I have to inform them when I received said pack from Scottish Power you have 14 days to give them the low down and Im no further forward so I may have make another call to re-register my complaint

    Talking of telephone calls I must be in the 100 hours + area for chats with Scottish Power , 46 is a rough estimate of the people Ive talked to from potentially helpful customer service people to the I dont give one variety.
    If you have dealings with Scottish Power you will become emotionally drained its the norm ,many on here have written far more eloquently than me about their Scottish Power nightmare ,and nightmare it is ,in my case Friday was my early finish day and the only day I could set aside enough time to make a telephone call to find out the latest with my case, repeating the same story again again and again is tiresome golf shopping kids whatever were all put on hold for an 8 months period the grief this company has caused me annoys me intensely ,yet just when I think it cant get any worst you find some other poor soul has had an even more desperate time of it with Scottish Power than myself ..

    Basically my check was wrong and my meter needed changed 8 months and counting Scottish Power ,the killer for me in all this is my account was blocked till they sorted this fiasco out yet I still received bills for £340. £249, £160,,£15,£5,£5 another credit for £276
    ( update star date 23/6/2016 ) , 2 bills received both in credit one said Im £745 in credit the other £426, update on the update bill arrived today 24/6/2016 Im due them £5 ) your told just to ignore them its normal, the real kicker is they calculated from my bills over 5 years that £46 a month would be more than adequate to meet my needs still paying that by the way .

    Im relatively youngish,Ive got a fare amount off common sense,
    I can add 2 and 2 and I also know when someone or some company is taking the proverbial , Ive dealt with , broken promises ,misdirection and ineptitude on a scale bordering on the ridiculous and still Im no further forward,old folk must have a hard time trying to deal with these imbeciles, keeping tabs on what happened when it happened etc etc can carry its own problems memory wise .
    I dont think Ive encountered anything like the shambles that is Scottish Power I dont think anyone should have to go through this circus on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.

    Lastly if something goes wrong with your account and it obviously has or you wouldn’t be on hear
    KEEP A LOG off everyone you talk to.
    Get their name and ID number.
    Keep a note of the dates, and the time you had to spend on the telephone .also any paperwork or bills keep them in a folder.

    You usually get a letter after a month or so saying they are very sorry and are looking into your case, its just them crossing the T`s and dotting the i`s for the inevitable ombudsman letters later in your case . Ive got 3 off them doesn’t make you feel any better, it just reminds you that another 50 odd days have passed and your still in the dark .
    Its a real stress test Scottish Power you begin to wonder if its you ,are you asking to much, is what your asking impossible,is it you , its just they are so bad you have difficulty comprehending how a business is run on such guidelines, as someone else wrote 0 should be and option when giving a star rating , – 5 ***** would be my rating

  16. C Balupuri says:

    I got a bill for 30 March-4 July and then another bill for 30 March-28 June, both the bills were paid. On raising the issue later Scottish Power diverted attention by justifying the 4-day overlap totally ignoring the three-month repetitive billing.
    After a long correspondence with Linda Clayton’s team, got a letter saying my account was in credit, but then came the next bill totally ignoring their own representative’s statement along with the entire correspondence.
    The next stop is Ombudsman

  17. Allan says:

    Has any body managed to talk to a senior person at Scottish Power . Any leads ?.
    The complaints staff just block you and refuse to help .
    Any ideas on what to do ?

  18. June Whittaker says:

    Latest Update: Got a reply from the contactus@scottishpower,com
    Thank you for your recent e-mail.

    I can see that you are contacting us regarding direct debit plan.

    Please accept my apology for the inconvenience caused in this regards. Having reviewed the account I can see that the account was live since February 2014. We have also received many payment from this account. I think there is some misunderstand related to this account.

    I may request you to kindly contact our customer care 08000270072 to solve the query.

    If you require further assistance, please visit our website at alternatively you can contact us free on 0800 027 0072. We’re open from 8:00am to 10:00pm Monday to Friday and 8:30am to 6:00pm Saturday. If you are calling from abroad please telephone 00(+)44 141 652 4091.

    Kind regards
    Nairiti Chatterjee
    Customer Services Representative
    Scottish Power

    Am now totally convinced that the whole of Scottish Power is a bogus company involved in massive fraud and phishing scams

    If you have a contract with them I would cancel it immediately and find a reputable power company.

  19. Brian says:

    I am suing them for not supplying any gas whilst under contract to do so, for 8 months making me rent somewhere else. The claim is over £7k. I found that a chocolate teapot was more useful than the Energy Ombudsman.

    • iain fergusson says:

      Brian my sister has been billed for £2000.00 plus for gas.She doesnt have any.They sent CLO to prove it and accepted that no supply existed,SAid it was cleared up and cancelled.Online she now has bill for £2000.00 plus {different a/c.].On complaining james said they will send out CLO to prove she has NO supply.AAAARGH !!!

  20. Frank Jeynes says:

    This is the worst ever company to deal with. I have a service contract for our boiler. On March 1st the coldest day in the UK we tried to contact them – 2 calls hanging on for 2 hours. No response so called out a local engineer and sent them the bill. Despite 5 emails since there has been no response so the next move is the small claims court.
    What an appalling company to deal with – when I get settlement I’m moving.
    Suggest you don’t go near them.

  21. N says:

    Oh dear, poor folk and I believed in Santa Claus (Lynda Clayton) too ! SP have created a whole circular complaints industry that ‘escalates’ but gets absolutely nowhere. I am taking my case to county court, its the only way to wake this lot up.

  22. D C Potten says:

    This company must have the worst customer service department in the world. My travails are minor compared to some of the above but whilst being put on hold for a second time on the same phone call I had time to shower, shave, dress, make and drink a cup of coffee before I was told there was no manager available to take my call. Many other calls and delays and autoresponses to e-mails followed until I was told the matter was now resolved and complaint closed. O don’t know if this is the case as my complaint would be dealt with internally and I would not be told of the result. I wonder if I could find out under FOI act??

  23. russell livingstone says:


  24. Paul Denyer says:

    I found this site when I was with Scottish Power. Since then I’ve been with EOn, British Gas and I’m now with OVO. I see things haven’t got any better. Last week the man from “Scottish Power” came to read the meter (apparently the same company collects readings for a number of suppliers). He didn’t seem surprised when I told him it’s been many years since I was one of their victims (sorry, customers). But I’m now wondering are Scottish Power acting illegally still retaining my details in their system after all this time? What legitimate reason could they need for them after so many years? Isn’t this what the recent changes in the law were supposed to be about?

  25. Susan says:

    Scottish Power are useless, took over 3 years to try and get my tariff correct. Ended up settling for a slightly reduced bill. Lynda Clayton doesn’t exist, its a made up name for customer services to hide behind. Her Linkedin profile picture is blank and there is no record of her at Scottish Power. Pathetic practice by a pathetic Scottish company.

  26. Paul Denyer says:

    To go to the Ombudsman I believe you need to have deadlock letter. Good luck with trying to get that. I sympathise with everyone who has had problems with this company – thank God they’ve not been let loose with a train company – and probably the many thousands who just haven’t found this site. I would never use them again; fortunately there are new suppliers coming along all the time these days.

    Just a thought but after giving Scottish Power reasonable time to resolve a problem, say 2 weeks to a month, perhaps aggrieved customers should ask their local MP to look into it on their behalf? And if your MP happens to be a government minister then so much the better. My experience with my MP when I asked him to get involved in a problem (not Scottish Power) that I wasn’t able to sort out on my own was very positive. If you can show you’ve genuinely made a serious effort to resolve things but Scottish Power are just being their usual unhelpful selves your MP is very likely to write a letter, which will get answered or you remind your MP it’s not been answered. Large companies generally don’t ignore elected politicians. If enough MPs find they are having to do this for constituents who knows perhaps “Linda Clayton” and her co-directors will have to make a little journey south to London and Parliament to answer a few questions face-to-face? I don’t think Mark Zuckerberg had a great time when it was his turn. We live in a democracy … use it.

    (And my sympathy goes out to all you people desperately trying to get away from SP).

  27. Karl REITER says:

    My journey with Scottish Power has been all the above but even more. In addition to enjoying 10 months of the disastrous customer service, continual incorrect billing, estimated reading nightmare rolling into a conga-line of numerous lengthy online chats with unpronounceable names – promising to rectify my problem at every step, underscored by an absolute void of any person or contact method to anyone by phone or direct email, I also have the added benefit of NO POWER and NO GAS. You see, this company loves billing you for supply when they don’t actually supply AT ALL.

    It is blatantly obvious to me that the supply is going to another flat and I am paying their bills, whilst I enjoy the comfort of nothing more than a COLD, powerless, silent cave that I cannot rent out.

    If there is ANYONE in the empire of Scottish Power that has even the slightest ability to provide me with a name, a number, an email, a fax, perhaps even a courier pigeon or smoke signal for which to make contact from outside the UK, let me know, because I am absolutely stumped on how to progress my complaint.

    Thanks for absolutely nothing….not even a single watt of electricity.

  28. Mr Michael Marshall says:

    Changing tariff rates on a fixed tariff 3 times without notice colluded with an ombudsman to lie to me. failed to update meter with register after confirming It had been done. Lee-Anne now blocking valid complaints preferring that I take them to court while they attempt to recover a debt that doesn’t exist. worst company in the world fact… you have already been found by Ofgem for this but your refusal to learn. I wish there was a Class action sue case against them.. anyone wanting to start one post here that you do I’ll find a way to make contact.

    • David says:

      I have been suggesting a class action against this company for years, in the various facebooks groups, I even suggested Nicholas Bowen a consumer barrister, but no one replied.

    • David says:

      Oh and by the way Ms Clayton does not exist !

      • Freddie says:

        Agree totally, Lynda Clayton does not exist. It’s a poor attempt by Scottish Power to make their customers think they are dealing with you on a personal level.
        Quite pathetic really.

  29. admin says:

    Hi to all.

    I would say that ScottishPower have the worse costumer service in the development world.

    Scottish power have raised 4x my direct debit suddenly and no explanations provided so far. The raise is related to the gas consume that have been on similar consume over last 2 years. Also, there is no gas leakage- already checked.

    I have phoned, had a chat, sent 8 emails and unfortunately after 35 days no explanations or replies to my complaint.

    I truly recommended all current costumer to leave this very unprofessional energy supplier company. If you have a problem is very unlikely to be solved on time.

  30. Wynne McDermott says:

    Good old Lynda, she’s done the same to me. Letter being sent to her tomorrow

  31. Norman Birkitt says:

    Can only concur with all the comments. I joined in Sept 18 for electricity,worst days work ever.Have been asked to pay without receiving invoices. They couldn’t agree start figures with my old company. They are now saying my meter may be faulty but refuse to send anyone to investigate. I have sent meter reading by photos at their request only for them to say they cannot open them because they are too big. Then they say they can but maybe some time doing this. Endless phone calls to try resolve matter to no avail. Must be worst utility supplier ever. Requested email or phone number for Company Director Andrew Ward only to be mer with a stonewall. What is he afraid of! Perhaps hearing how ineffective and useless his company is.

  32. Christopher Lowes says:

    I don’t even think this woman exists.
    I’m having an absolute nightmare with this company, and I put it all down to her non existing director skills.
    Will they ever sack her?
    Probably not, as the HR director is as inept as her.

  33. Paul McGraw says:

    Dear Lynda
    Have been a customer for over six years…have always paid my bill at my bank…
    My last two months have not been paid because I am being told to pay ‘on line’…
    I do not want to share my bank details with your ‘organisation’
    Send me a bill as you have for the last 70 or so months….I will happily pay at my bank.
    Thank you

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