RIP Customer service

It took me a couple of days to realise that I’d referenced one of the late great Rik Mayall’s characters in my last post – Sir Richard Dangerous.  I’ve still got a DVD of Bottom – Live “The Big Number 2 Show” that will form a sort of rite of passage for my 16 yr old son, I think he’ll get it – but not just yet!

Was he a genius – I don’t know it’s a devalued word these days – but what I do know is that he made me cry with laughter!  Repeatedly…

The level of customer service that seems to be provided by the likes of EE and Twitter is equally laughable but it’s not the slightest bit funny!

Twitter don’t even use er, Twitter for their customer service-  they send you emails from and then, when you dare to reply, send you other emails saying: “Twitter does not monitor or send any emails from this address (” Doh!  They don’t offer a chat service, they won’t speak to you on the phone so how the f*** are you supposed to get a response from them?  My personal choice is try and shame them into responding – seems a harsh thing to do As I used to work with Dick Costello at 724 Solutions and I thought he was an OK guy – shame his standards seem to have fallen!!

My current other fav rave (NOT!) is EE.  As our friends at Vodafone are about to shaft us all by upping their prices (naughty EU telling them to stop profiteering from roaming charges like that!) both here and abroad I thought I’d check out the competition – sadly with no US style T-Mobile service it’s a harder call, but I thought I’d check out EE – they’re claiming all sorts of nice things, so nothing ventured…well nothing other than my time and my patience that is.

They made it ridiculously easy to order a 4G sim online – which arrived promptly – but that’s the end of the good news folks!

I know I haven’t got 4G at home so I thought I’d test things at work.  I read the instructions – the fact that removing the card with the sim in it from the packaging tore the backing card with the phone number on it wasn’t a good start.  But I persevered and worked out what the number was. It said go online to top up – so I did…..but each time (4 times before I gave up) I completed the form and tried to pay using either my credit or debit cards it failed to go through – I even checked both accounts to see all was in order (it was)….oh deary me!

I did one final check – to see if there was actually any 4G where I work – silly me, of course not!  Just as well then that their payment piece wasn’t working – I’ve saved myself some money – although wasted a lot of time.

I suppose it’s therefore no surprise that these tech companies down’t even sue their own technology to deliver customer service – they obviously know how flaky it is!!  Better buy some shares in the Post Office – oh how forward thinking is that? 😦



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