The lights! The lights! “I’m blinded”

Well dear readers it’s time for a new rant! And what subject should I choose?

The furore around Clarkson attempts to NOT us the “N” word? No I don’t think so – I’m far more interested in the good christian fellow who decided to leak the video to the Mirror – I hope he or she doesn’t live in a glass house!

Or perhaps the fact that farmers seem to be able to time their ability to leave shit all over our roads at exactly the same time it pours with rain so the shit gets transferred to our cars!

Or perhaps Bucks CC decision to paint nice white lines down our village road when we’d rather they FIXED THE BLOODY POTHOLES!!!

No, none of these – today’s rant is on the topic of car daytime running lights – why? lights We don’t live in bloody Scandinavia, it’s actually “light” as in “daylight” for most of the time that peak volumes of cars are on the roads!

As I drove down the A34 this morning on my way to work I became aware of a 2013 Honda CRV – as it got closer I became sufficiently aware that I thought I might lose my vision as my retinas were beginning to glow as the glare from these xenon, kryponite or whatever powered “LED” lights – usually arranged in some “trendy” (oh dear god do they really think that?) arrangement and designed to do what? I really don’t know what they’re designed to do.lights2 Even in grey cloudy skies like this morning around 8am visibility is still many 100’s of yards so I don’t really see the need for them.

Perhaps they’re designed to help people coming up behind them to avoid running into the back of them? Well clearly they aren’t as said CRV didn’t actually have ANY lights on at the rear – I deliberately pulled over to let it pass so I could check!

And anyway – haven’t we already got sidelights, headlight and fog lights – front and rear? So rather than trying to blind other road users – have you noticed dear reader how headlights are getting brighter and brighter? – why not focus on making lights come on and off automatically – if it’s a safety thing that’s behind them…? Well I looked into the EU – yes that’s where this came from – and their final report said this:

7. Various sources of variation in the effects of DRL for cars have been examined. It
was concluded that:

  • a. The effects of DRL are greater for fatal accidents than for injury accidents, and greater for injury accidents than for property-damage-only accidents. Evidence of effects for fatal accidents is, however, highly uncertain.
  • b. The effects of DRL are likely to be greater at latitudes further away from the Equator than at latitudes close to the Equator. The evidence for such a relationship is, however, somewhat noisy.
  • c. It is likely that DRL has a favourable effect on accidents involving pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists. An adverse effect on rear-end collisions has been found in studies of the aggregate effects of DRL.   DRL  combined with switched-off taillights can counteract this effect, as well as the use of high mounted brake lights.

So!  They don’t work for rear end shunts then – well maybe they need to be switched around then.  Make the rear lights really bright and tone down the power on the front lights! Clearly this is just another example of the McDonald’s “Hot” coffee syndrome gone mad, and those wastrels over in Brussels decided it was someting else they could claim their expenses on! If you really want to read the whole thing it’s here – Are you Mad? and for those of you who really should know better the actual EU law is here Abandon hope all yea who enter here

In all seriousness I’m beginning to wonder when the first motorist is going to use the defence of “sorry m’lud this damn Audi, Merc, Honda appeared in my rear view mirrors and it was just the the Hairy Strikers on Soccer AM – “I’m Blinded”.



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