I must be the April fool!

It must be me! I can’t understand why anyone should be subjected to such an appallingly low level of customer service from so many companies at once!! I know I can be a grumpy hector but only when the service I receive doesn’t meet my expectations – and to be straight I’m not expecting to be treated like royalty every time I try and buy (or return/exchange) something.

Well the roll of dis-honour this month is as follows:

1. Scottish Power – I know they’ve been in the list for months – they definitely should make the all time top 10! They’re just completely out of touch with reality – more broken promises than you’d get from a partner who was cheating on you! And it seems I’m not the only one – !!


2. eBay/PayPal – a simply stunning performance zooming into the top of the charts from nowhere. This month I’ve tried to buy 3 laptops – actually 2 were the same kind of laptop but on both occasions the sale went bad. The first one the guy wouldn’t ship to the UK from the USA – despite the listing said it would – so he cried to eBay and despite eBay’s comment that a contract is a contract they cancelled the sale for him. However PayPal still took the money from my account and have yet to give it back to me

The 2nd purchase the guy allegedly had a problem with PayPal freezing his account so he couldn’t complete the sale. So again despite the so called eBay contract he refunded the sale. But guess what PayPal took the money from my account.

I spoke and chatted to both eBay and Paypal – they’re part of the same company – as yet I have not got my money back.

The 3rd purchase was for a cheap laptop to help me get some Mini DV tapes from 2000-2003 into hard disk – guess what? The seller has a problem with his PayPal account.

Why do I bother? Well unless I get a sensible explanation from eBay/PayPal as to WTF is up with their systems I won’t in future – and I suggest you don’t either.

3. Another new entrant – Pull & Bear. I spent a happy day in London with my kids a couple of weekends ago and bought some shirts in their Oxford Street store – well I rarely get into the big smoke – any way it seems that their quality control is a bit amiss. XL doesn’t necessarily mean XL it might actually mean Large – or maybe even Medium. One of the shirts definitely was not XL – so as you do in these circumstances you go online to find out what to do. I used their contact form to ask how I could arrange an exchange – I like the shirt and want to wear it….

Their response was that I have to take it back to the store where I bought – or my nearest store (Shepherds Bush London – they seem only to have 2 in the UK) and when I mentioned the fact that I only rarely get into London they offered me no alternative – oh and I only have a month to get it back to them.

I was going to put it on eBay – but not so sure now…..

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