I’m being threatened by Scottish Power

Regular readers will know of the long running saga of my dealings with Scottish Power. Sadly they continue and frankly they’ve reached a new low.

Briefly the situation was my account was nearly a grand in credit, I sent a set of readings, they calculated the money I was due, eventually paid it(!!), then sent me a couple of new bills and said I actually owed them the money!

I have now, via 2 separate recorded telephone calls, asked them for the calculations and the logic of how they managed to get to this position – I need the detail so I can verify their claims – after all they seem to change their mind willy-nilly! I asked them to send me a letter with the details – I have still not received it!

Now I get this threatening email:


Account number: XXXXXXXXX

Your ScottishPower bill is overdue. Please pay £XXX.05 now

We have still not received payment and your bill is now overdue. If you do not pay,
we may register a Credit Default against you.
This will impact your credit rating
and your ability to obtain credit for items such as mobile phones, satellite
television, credit cards, personal loans and mortgages.

To avoid this, you can pay:

– Online:
If you are an existing ScottishPower customer please login at
If you are no longer a ScottishPower customer please login at
– By Debit Card. Call our easy-to-use payment service 24 hours a day on 0845 2700 700.
– By telephone or online banking, using the details on your bill.
– By sending a cheque made payable to ScottishPower with the payment slip, and to
the address, on your bill.
– By cash at the Post Office or any PayPoint location. Please take the payment slip
from your bill.

However, if you are experiencing difficulties in paying or your circumstances have
changed, it is important that you contact us on 0845 2700 700 to discuss the payment
options available to you. We may also be able to direct you to a debt advice agency
to give you guidance on any other bills.

If you have paid your bill in the last few days: thank you. You do not need to
contact us. Please ignore this letter and accept our apologies.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Ward
Operations Director

Did you know?
You could save 10% on your annual bill by lowering the thermostat by just one
degree*. For more tips, phone our free Energy Efficiency Advice Line on 0800 33 22
33 or visit our website at http://www.scottishpower.co.uk

Well Andrew Ward – I think if you do that I will have to instruct my solicitors to instigate proceedings against you and Scottish Power for defamation of character.

The ball is in your court – as it has been for some time. Perhaps you would like to explain to me, and the wider public, how you can justify this behaviour?

2 thoughts on “I’m being threatened by Scottish Power

  1. Steve Moxon says:

    I have the very same problem.
    After moving home in April they simply wiped blank my online account so I couldn’t work out how much they owed me — I knew it was hundred of pounds I was in credit.
    Some badgering up to the level of the Customer Services Director’s own office, finally I got them to pay me over £460; but then later sent me a bill for over £200!
    I have repeatedly asked them by email and over the phone for a fully itemised bill but they just send me a final demand — today one from ‘Insight Collections’, with yet another threat of an added ‘costs of collection’ of £33, and default notice — though as I never want credit for anywhere, then why should I care?
    So again I’ve requested a fully itemised bull.
    Next stop Ofgem.

  2. Ron Hicks says:

    Does Andrew Ward actually exist or is he a virtual Operations Director??
    One things for sure his influence on his “Customer Service” team is virtually zero!
    In fact I don’t think he has a customer service team, they are virtual as well.
    Have you come across the signatory Linda Clayton, who sends the same email back over and over again regardless of how the question/complaint is worded?
    I see that one address for SP is Worthing..pity it wasn’t Eastbourne Pier!
    There must be an easier way than swapping sob stories via this blog.
    How many responses have you had like mine? Can’t we get a class action together to at least flush out Andrew Ward?

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