Rural Broadband Stitch Up Continues

I’m one of the poor broadband impoverished rural residents of this country and when I see articles such as this I just have to ask “How much money is BT paying to Oxfordshire (and other) councils (or councillors) to allow them to keep the broadband monopoly they have?”

All contracts in England and Wales have been awarded to BT!  So tell me, how is that improving competition in the market?

The article concludes – BT told the BBC: “It is up to the local council to decide who they work with on rural broadband. Having said that, a key consideration is that any network which benefits should be open to all ISPs to use. That way, local monopolies are avoided and customers have choice.”

Actually the choice that they talk about is whether you buy BT’s services or those of a competitor only to discover that BT “throttles” their competitors service to ensure it’s worse – and I speak from personal experience here – comparing my Sky service with BT’s – allegedly over exactly the same kit – proved the point.

The longer that BT are allowed to get away with blocking the development of an alternative infrastructure the longer we’ll have to wait for a decent service.  Perhaps the Broadband Stakeholders Group would care to comment….?

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