GiffGaff customer service sets new level of incompetence

Oh dear oh dear.  As you know I’d got so cheesed off with GiffGaff that I decided enough was enough and wanted to delete my account.

This is something that their community seems to suggest is early impossible – you have to wait 6 months for the account to accept that there is no activity and it then shuts down.  However in that process you the user are likely to receive a number of promotional texts from GiffGaff – I don’t want to receive them, I don’t want them to have my details on record for any longer than is necessary.

So anyway I used the only option I “asked an agent”.  Bless him (or her) I’ve got an email telling me I’ve got a response…here’s what it says (well part of it):

Thanks for contacting the giffgaff team. 

We've popped an answer to your question in your giffgaff inbox, please log 
into your my giffgaff account to view it 

Your giffgaff inbox can be found under Help > Messages from agents:,107f6959,107f6973

We're really sorry if there was a delay in answering your question fully.

Remember, you can extra earn points by answering other members questions and 
participating in the forum head here,107f6959,107f6974
to see if you can help someone else out.


The giffgaff team

So I clicked on the link and tried to log in…this is what I get…

Your access has been blocked, please contact the Customer Service.


To cut a long story short eventually I managed to read the message – but as part of that process I did have to enter my username and password (part of the standard log in process) it said:

Thanks for getting back to us.

I am sorry to hear that you want to leave us, what I have now done for you is cancelled your account for you.

I can tell you that you will not be able to use this account again Paul.

I hope this sorts everything out for you Paul.


Have a nice weekend,
Stephen @ the giffgaff team

So I can still continue the conversation with “Stephen” but not access other areas of my account to check to see if they have removed my contact details…Confused?  You bet.

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