The Road is long….

Well length is a relative concept – at least I’ve always hoped that’s true!! Anyway the real point here is about the fact that  the state of the road between Gawcott and Marsh Gibbon in Buckinghamshire feels like it’s longer than it actually is because it’s in such a shocking condition. Unless you’re in a tractor in which case you just don’t give a sh*t or a large Mercedes when you just don’t feel a thing!

Unfortunately I’m not in either of those I’m in a small low slung hard suspension Porsche Boxster S (Anniversary Edition) and I can tell you it’s a very very long way.

theroadOver the past 5 years it is clear that the local councils Aylesbury Vale District Council and Buckinghamshire County Council have decided to spend the absolute minimum on maintaining them -irrespective of their claims – see “We’re working on it“.   I’ve no idea where these so-called 57 members live but it’s clear from their priorities that they’ve never had to travel down the road I’m referring to – see map.

Now I’m not saying they’ve done nothing – but what they’ve done is actually worse than nothing!  No offence but a bunch of monkeys on the back of a pick up truck with a vat of tar and some small rollers isn’t going to solve the problem.  In fact a bit of frost and hey presto not only have the holes reopened but there’s now a load of grit and gravel to sent flying around the road damaging paintwork and windscreens!

There are just sooo many potholes it needs a complete rebuilding-  yes rebuilding-  not even just resurfacing will sort this.  As long as you’re going to allow heavy vehicles trundle along it to the Calvert tip – and future incinerator you’ve also got a number of farmers who, “frankly scarlet”, couldn’t give a damn about traffic calming measures nor worrying about destroying the road edges you’re going to be pouring good tar after bad – and us motorists will start to get more organised and start sending you – Mr Council Big-Wig (Martin Tett, Leader of Bucks CC, , resident of 168 Amersham Way, Little Chalfont, Amersham, Bucks, HP6 6SG – Bus. phone:  01296 382302, Mobile:  07939 278064) the bill for the work we have to have done to repair our vehicles.

Those of you who have suffered may find this site useful – personally I think a better plan would be to kidnap kindly request Mr Tett to accompany me on a journey from Gawcott to Marsh Gibbon – I promise not to exceed the speed limit, nor to drive in an aggressive manner – although I may have to swerve to avoid a pothole or three and he may find it a bit un-nerving as I find it is actually safer  (and cheaper, when measured in the cost or replacing shock absorbers and sundry bits of suspension) to drive down the middle of the road.  However I have also posted this on their site as well!!

I did think about video recording the journey but the camera would be shaking so much you wouldn’t be able to see it clearly – hey ho.

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