Another sneaky Apple trick

I use to have an iPhone – now I’m a confirmed Android fan – just loving that I can do this whenever I choose – or this for that matter – the freedom is fantastic!  Freedom is the issue I’m focussing on right now….the freedom to do what I choose with photographs I take.

Recently I decided to rebuild my personal website and as part of that I thought I’d try and pull into one place a lot of the things I’m interested in.  Part of that was to link some of my current online photo albums from Google’s Picasa site to my latest site – built using WordPress.  As is often the case with WordPress someone has usually already built the app to help you achieve that so thanks to Mikhail Koslov in this instance.

Linking the albums seemed to be a piece of cake….or so I thought!

Most of the albums that I’d created using my Panasonic Lumix camera got linked across seamlessly!  However I noticed that whilst other albums were linked the photographs wouldn’t load to the new site.  On further investigations it appeared that these were photos taken with my iPhone.St Lucia 470

I had to resort to opening the images individually in Fireworks and then saving them as new files and uploading them to Picasa again- guess what?  They synced across without a problem!

I can only infer that one of 2 things has occured:

  1. Our friends in Cupertino have added something to the properties of the file that do not allow them to be transferred to a secondary web site.
  2. Google has added some code which stops this happening.

On the basis that Google allows all my other photos to be transferred it has to be the weasels in Cupertino.

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