Is the law an ass?

The tragic death of the nurse allegedly hoaxed (or rather passing on a call ) by the Aussie radio DJ’s is that – tragic. Why she should consider that taking her own life was the right thing to do is beyond me and most other rational thinking humans. But passing the issue to the CPS in case a crime has been committed – oh come on get real!

Hoax calls have been going on for ages. They can and often are extremely funny. Occasionally they go over the limit – we all know who I’m talking about here – but did this one? The specific nurse who actually gave away the information has not been seen nor heard in the media, the hospital have been banging on about the despicable DJs when perhaps their own standards of training might be considered – or their employment choices… how did this poor nurse come to be in a such a fragile state yet be employed by the hospital – where is their duty of care in this matter.

Let’s hear the real nurse give her side of the story – or has she too decided to end it all in response to the media furore.

If the CPS decides that there is a case to answer then frankly they’ve lost the plot and should not bother to come back to work after the Christmas break.

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