anuvver member of da mitch’ll familee

What did he say? What didn’t he say? Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn. What I care about is that this “toff” is using the media to divert attention away from the fact that he was – by his own admission – abusive to the members of law enforcement, clearly something that might be acceptable within the corridors of Westminster but not, indeed, most certainly not acceptable outside in the real world.

Did the Police fabricate the “plebgate” element – quite possibly. Is this important – of course it is and all efforts should be spent investigating the matter and if necessary punishing the individual/s responsible.

BUT and it’s a big BUT – that does not get away from the central fact that Mitchell is a snob, an abuser of power and clearly not fit to be a chief whip or even maybe an elected representative of the public.

His behaviour might be perfectly ok if he was in an episode of Eastenders – but then again even they don’t use the “F-word”. At the gates to Downing Street – it’s hardly the behaviour to be expected of a person in his priviledged position. Keep him out of public life!

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