Time to change the rules

This from ESPN – and many other sources highlights the crazy situation that if a referee sees an incident and thinks from his perspective it doesn’t need any further action then that’s it – the individual has got away with it. –

However if he books someone or sends them off he can review that later and change his mind.

Equally if he didn’t see it and the very same video shows him what really happened the player can be penalised retrospectively.

Is it time for the rules to be changed – I think so!

Huth escapes FA ban
October 8, 2012
By ESPN staff
Stoke defender Robert Huth has escaped punishment from the Football Association over an alleged stamp on Liverpool striker Luis Suarez.

Liverpool were left frustrated by a typically robust Stoke side at Anfield on Sunday

Suarez, 25, was left with stud marks to his torso after Huth, 28, appeared to stamp on him during Sunday’s 0-0 draw between the two clubs at Anfield.

However, referee Lee Mason has since confirmed that he saw the incident at the time and chose not to take any action against the former Chelsea player. Under FA rules, that means Huth cannot now be charged retrospectively.

The Germany international has previous with English football’s governing body after it handed him a retrospective three-match ban for punching West Ham’s Matthew Upson while playing for the Potters in 2009.

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