You want soft toilet paper – you stay at Hotel Gayboy

Just in case Tripadvisor decides against publishing my review of the Nafsika Hotel in Aghios Stefanos Corfu here it is in full.


It’s an extremely apt line from an old comedy series – The Comic Strip Presents  (Apologies for anybody’s loss of sense of humour here!)…. this episode was called “A Fistful of Travellers Cheques” and it is directed at the misguided souls who wish to diss what is a piece of authentic Greece delivered by a fantastic, friendly and extremely hard-working team.

I’m one of the returning clique and whilst I don’t actually stay at the Nafsika I run a tab there every year – if the personnel and service were as poor as “those people” would suggest why would I do that? 

The reason that we eat around 50% of our meals at the Nafsika is that you get fantastic, freshly cooked food there- it’s not fast food – you have to wait, but you’re on holiday so what’s the rush? When you’ve tried Theodora’s food – you just have to go back for more.

The front of house team – Speros, Chris, “Billy”, Stefanos and Patricia work damn hard to ensure your time at the Nafsika is as enjoyable as possible – just ask the “returning cliques” they’ll back me up on this one. And – and this is a big and – they’re still committed to doing this even though their economy has been cream crackered and the large holiday companies are trying to maintain their own margins by squeezing the little guys – sounds just like the UK supermarkets doesn’t it? It hard work and it’s less rewarding these days – but still they deliver!

The other thing you need to remember about the Nafsika is that Speros has been behind a range of firsts in Agios Stefanos – the outside bar, the hotel swimming pool to name a couple. So to criticise a man “who walks around with his head down” is just plain ignorant. He’s also committed to maintaining the authentic nature of the area – the “strip” is there for those who want it – the historic end of the village is where I’ll be – and long may Speros and the Nafsika be the centre of it.

Like I say – “You want soft toilet paper – you stay at Hotel Gayboy”

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