“If you can’t beat ’em sue ’em”.

Just as the behemoth finally gets it’s collective **** together and releases a software OS which actually shifts the world forward – I’m talking Windows 8 and the Metro interface here we get the losers coming out to claim once again that they’re being cut out of the pie.  Sorry but this is just the way fo the world – if you want to change it go to court-  but hey if you’re going to take that route make sure you the even bigger guys who are playing a walled garden game (aka Apple)!

Mozilla: Windows 8 a ‘Return to the Digital Dark Ages’

According to Mozilla’s Asa Dotzler we’re back to the days before the EU fine imposed on Microsoft yet he bleats that this isn’t the same as what Apple are doing! (Yah boo sucks!)  Sorry but if I buy a Windows ph0ne I can do what I like with it – if I buy an Apple Phone I’m ****ed – I have no choice at all.

“Dotzler points out that at least part of what makes this different than Apple’s iOS — which imposes similar restrictions on software and prevents Firefox from running on iOS — is that Microsoft still has binding agreements with the EU about browser choice on Windows, and Windows RT is still Windows.

The new restrictions, writes Dotzler, “are in direct violation of the promises [Microsoft] made to developers, users, and OEMs about browser choice.” So, while Microsoft may be aping Apple with these new application limitations, Apple has the advantage of not needing to worry about past anti-trust agreements.”

Sound like a whining techie to you?  It certainly does to me…. I’d rather that Mozilla focussed on producing something that Microsoft just had to include because it was so cool rather than rolling out their “top lawyer”.  Seems more like a case “if you can’t beat ’em sue ’em”. Pathetic, simply pathetic!

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