Finally the bad headmaster gets his come-uppence

Just been given the news that the headmaster of a local junior school has cleared his desk – mid-term.  Thank heavens foir that – at tleast the children now have a chance to be inspired instead of being told – and I quote – this was to a group of 9 year olds after their christmas play/presentation to parents “at least you were better than you were this morning”.

What an asshole!

More than that he, and the governors, covered up or more strictly kept quiet about one of the teachers – in fact my daughters teacher at the time – who was “grooming” young girls.  How both of them could ever be considered as the right sort of people to be educating our children is simply beyond me.

Teachers can have such a powerful impact on our childrens lives – I have been inspired by some – the late Mark Vincent’s lesson on Brownian Motion when I was in the 2nd year of senior school is still a vivid memory! My director of studies in the 6th form was a brilliant teacher but at the same time treated me appallingly, and when I went back having been told I would amount to nothing yet having got my Masters he avoided me.

It’s a shame that these people are allowed to keep their jobs!  They should be dumped pronto – let the good teachers run the place not the wasters and weirdos.

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