The worst case of rubbernecking – ever!

This morning, the 1st of May has been another dreadful day weatherwise, grey skys, rain, and more rain.  Obviously for those of us who have to drive to work the weather is a major contributor to the quality of our journeys – rain just adds to the misery.  There is however one other thing that can dramatically impact on travel times – “Rubbernecking”.

This is the “lemming-like” practice which requires every man, woman and dog to slow down as they approach the site of a traffic accident and take a good hard look at someone else’s misfortune or stupidity.

Naturally the already kangaroo like procession of traffic during rush hour is transformed into a barely mobile linear car park on the carriageway.   Now this is almost bearable when it’s on your side of the carriageway – that’s just bad luck and you have to grin and bear it.  When it’s on the other carriageway it’s bloody infuriating, but when it’s not even on the main carriageway (as in on a slip road) it simply beggars belief!

I’ve marked the spot on the image – it’s the black X in the red circle.  This screengrab from Google was taken 90 minutes after I crawled past heading south – you can see the traffic is still held up by what would appear to be a continuous stream of rubberneckers. Why must you all do this?

So to finish a personal plea – whilst I accept, as does the Association of Advanced Motorists, that you need to be aware of what’s going on around you why do you need to slow to a crawl in the fast lane to stare at something that is of absolutely no relevance to you or your driving whatsoever?  Keep on going, don’t slow down and cause a hazard to other road users.

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