Vodafone not telling customers about technical problems

#Vodafone are keeping technical problems to themselves! They’ve known about the latest for 2 weeks and not told us.

I upgraded both my kids phones in the past month – Vodafone is the carrier.  I’ve been using them for a number of years but right now I’m considering ditching them -why?  Because they’ve been keeping secrets from me and you all – about their service.

I wanted to log into my online account last night so I could add my son’s phone to our Sure Signal (yep #Vodafone’s signal is so crap where I live I need one of their boosters) – they’d just sent me a note that I could see my latest bill -so I thought I’ll kill two birds with one stone!  Yeh, right!

I can log in fine – no problems – well actually yes there is a problem – their website now says:

Registration Error

Your Phone number is currently Inactive/Suspended. Please CONTACT US

…despite the fact that I am apparently logged in!  So this morning I called Voda’s customer service team to find out what had happened.  I spoke to a nice lady called Rana – in Egypt(!) – who let me into the secret that Voda had known there was an issue with their system ditching registered phone details when you upgraded your plan – they’d known about it for a couple of weeks now and in fact they have a team of people working on sorting the problem out.

In the meantime I and heaven knows how many other people will have to re-register their phones!

Ah, surely I asked – why don’t you back up the system – restore it to a point when this problem didn’t happen…. ah, they can’t do that apparently, so you and I the customer have to re-enter data which we’ve already done.

Rana said I will have £10 credited to my account for the inconvenience.  £10 for keeping schtumm about a problem they’ve known about for a couple of weeks?   £10 for sending my emails encouraging me to go online to my account – they have the perfect opportunity in that email to warn me there might be a problem?

Personally I’d like a written apology, an explanation of what went wrong, why they didn’t tell me or you and some idea of why they can’t restore the system, why I (and you) have to re-enter data, details of what they’ve done to stop the technical issue happening again and most importantly a statement of what they will do to change their process to notify customers of potential issues.

Right now I’m seriously considering sending this to #Offcom and wondering if this constitutes a breach of contract – it most certainly constitutes a breach of trust.

Has anyone else had the same problem? Let me know if you have.


One thought on “Vodafone not telling customers about technical problems

  1. Jill Mc says:

    I have had endless problems with my pay as you go account. Unable to buy freedem freebies and I’ve been unable to log in online since MARCH! Each time I contact them, the end result is that there is a technical issue with their online services and to try again soon.
    I was unable to buy a freedom freebie a couple of months ago and therefore went through £30 of credit within days – I complained and got £5 credit back!
    I am currently waiting for a new phone from them which I eventually got them to organise using my rewardz points. I get endless texts saying how many points I have and to go online and redeem them, but then unable to log on.
    It has been a comedy of errors having to deal with their customer services and to date, they are 10 days over their delivery date for hte new phone so I am not holding out much hope of them delivering their promise.
    Off I go in search of a new network…..

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