Evra – you’re a disgrace

I’ve just watched an abject Liverpool performance against the old enemy and whilst we didn’t deserve to win I was outraged by the behaviour of Patrice evra – the Man Utd captain no less – at the end of the game – actually at the end of both halves but especially after the final whistle.

I’ll agree that Suarez did himself no favours by refusing to shake Evra’s hand at the beginning-  but them he still feels that he was badly treated by the FA’s inquiry – as to many others.

So it was entirely up to him to choose not to shake the proferred hand.  Evra’s behaviour in grabbing Suraez’s arm is not acceptable.  His behaviour in seeking to remonstrate further with Suarez at half time was not acceptable.


His behaviour in milking the crowd’s applause at full time was entirely justified – UNTIL – he ran across the field and positionined himself not more than 6 feet away from Suarez and again milked the crowd’s applaus-  that was unprofessional conduct and I hope that the referee’s report contains some stern reference to it and that Evra is punished.

I appreciate that this is the 3rd time that Evra has claimed he has been racially abused – and the 1st time he has been successful but even so his actions were deplorable.  I hope the FA was watching and I exhort them to ban and fine Evra to show that his behaviour is also completely unacceptable given the world wide audience.

If no action is taken – and there is part of me that fears the FA will do just that FA – then they too should be ashamed of themselves!


On the issue of whether Ferdinand got the ball – well on my HD TV he kicked the side of Suarez’s foot – that’s a foul – he was the last man – that’s a red card.

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