BT broadband email update

Well well well – there is progress to report!! Taking my life in my hands I phoned again and naturally I went through the process of being told that they couldn’t help me because this was outside the scope of the free technical help but that there was a paid for service which could help me! Quelle surprise!

Believing this to be a BT tech department here in the UK I agreed to be transfered. It was a breathe of fresh air – first off because the chap on the end of the phone was able to confirm that the previous person I’d spoken to should have been able to sort my problem – which made me feel a whole lot better.

Not only that he then told me what to do and I wasn’t charged! So 10 out of 10 to the independent tech company that BT have recruited to help dig them out of the mire – and make a few bob on the side no doubt and 0 out of 10 to BT’s training department – as I’ve seen written elsewhere – you’re pants!

Now let’s see if the advice works!

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