Did you just hang up on me? I can see you’re still viewing this page

Did you just hang up on me? I can see you’re still viewing this page.

That was the end of my 40 minutes trying to get some technical help from BT Broadband – hey they advertise a 24/7 free service. But woe betide you should actually have a technical question – I think you’ll be disappointed.

Mine was about email – why can’t I keep my existing email service – I don’t want your BT/Yahoo garbage I’m perfectly happy with the service I used whilst I was with Sky which uses servage.net’s service – and a fine one it is too! Sky, who use the same copper wires and the same kit in the local exchange as BT didn’t have an issue with it – it worked fine.

But BT obviously think they know better.

I’d only transfered back to BT on the 8th November so it’s not the best start to a contract.

But to do that to a customer – hang up on them – and still be sharing their desktop whilst they type a message to you – that’s truly shocking – I wonder if their Twitter team will be on the case – they have been active before and I think I’m duty bound to mention it there as well, that’s the beauty of the internet. Even if you can’t send email there’s always a number of other ways to poke the conscious of big business.

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