The respect campaign – follow up

Well over the weekend I decided that I should contact the league so I ventured onto their website and discovered an email address for the press officer – this seemed like a sensible route to take, given that my comments were already in the public domain. I got a response in about 24 hours – not bad.. But I wasn’t quite prepared from the detail of the response I got. Here it is in full:

Any comments that anybody wants the league to review would need to be put in writing and sent to the League Secretary by a Club Official.

Yep that’s it – despite the FA wanting us, as parents, to play our part only club officials are allowed to comment. Well I was trying to avoid having to write a letter – snail mail is so 20th century after all – so I’ll continue to use the Internet. So here’s my response – well my 2nd response (you’ll see why) in full:

Good evening Mr Tilling

In response to your brief note I’ll let the others who have taken that route continue – me, I’ll use the internet to get my point across – and I may have to review my blog following your response – which , if I may say so, was not what I would have expected from a “press officer” and neither did I expect my initial response to be bounced! (An abject apology from me here as I have since discovered that BT Broadband are blocking my email providers smtp server so ALL my email is being bounced)

Never mind you were kind enough to cc Mr Williams on your original email so hopefully he has the original link.


Paul West

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