More hoo-ha regarding 4G!

It’s not just about filling in rural ‘notspots’.

A committee of UK MPs has criticised mobile operators for fighting over how to share out the airwaves that will deliver next-generation services.

In a report examining the spectrum auction, the Commons Culture Media and Sport Committee says Ofcom is generally taking the right approach – but slams the network operators for their constant infighting and special pleading.

But it’s much more than that it’s about having end to end coverage. How many times are we told to travel by train – why? The mobile signal is not constant and the onboard wireless is a bit of a joke. And don’t think that special trains like Eurostar will be any better – they’re actually worse – no wireless at all!

The only sensible way to have a conversation or to do some work using a mobile device is – sorry to disappoint you road warriers out there- but it’s to stand still!

How sad we’ve come so not very far at all and here we are talking about 4G – strewth get 2.5G sorted first!! Then 3G and only then think about 4G!

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