Apple’s sorry sync issues with iOS5

Now, for a company whose boss has been known to drop an iPod prototype into a goldfish bowl (complete with fish + water!) to see the bubbles that proved there was still space left inside the case, this iOS5 upgrade is shocking!

Since upgrading – only to find that Siri, something I’d been waiting to resurface for a couple of years, was not even in it if you upgrade an iPhone4 (FFS!) – I’ve had a string of sync and crashing or locking problems – they’re still happening…

It seems I’m not the only one – even Apple’s own forum’s have the details of angst ridden customers – see for yourself . As many has said before me – but maybe with less frustration – FFS you’d think they’d test it before they released it!

Or is it a throwback to Guy Kawasaki’s days of Apple Evangelism where the view was if you had something that was 10x better than the competition don’t worry about finishing it just get it out there! Sadly iOS5, on a iPhone4 ain’t 10x better – it may look prettier and have p*ssed you off by shifting stuff like videos around but 10x better? Nope!!

I haven’t been able to sync my holiday snaps – it seems that some are ok but a 100 or so aren’t – now there’s nothing in there to trigger any image filtering recognition stuff that might or not be part of iOS5 so WTF have these been missed – hey guys they’re even in the same folder…..oh and I still can’t sync any of my ringtones and if you think, Apple, that I’m going to pay you all over again for them at more than it costs for the whole bloody song, you’ve got another thing coming – I’ll just bitch about you online – hey if I’ve got to live with a pathetic sounding phone you can listen to me moaning back!!

So what to do – well frankly scarlet I can’t be arsed – but if you really want to sort it, before the ghost of Steve Jobs issues iOS5.1, then here you go. Respect is due to mitchellfromirvington. He’ll take over from here…..

I upgraded to ios 5 and could then no longer sync my iphone 4 with iTunes. To save space and time, let me just tell you what I finally did to solve the problem, after spending days on my own and then literally hours with an Apple tech and then his supervisor. Everything now works! It seems that some settings in my phone from older versions of ios were not compatible with ios 5.

First, sync your phone and make sure everything is check boxed to be synced (e.g. calendar, contacts, notes, etc). Then restore your phone to factory settings, BUT after the software firmware reset, DO NOT restore from a backup copy. Rather, set up the phone as a new phone (I used a different name, “Test”). I then synced the phone once, and then renamed the phone to my original name. I then synced a second time, and everything came into my phone (except my previous settings). It now works as intended. It was torture for a few days, but I’m satisfied that the problem has really been solved by eliminating all the old settings.
Good luck!

In otehr words just start from scratch – well said mitchellfromirvington. Tim Cooke? Get a grip man!

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