Cult beachfront family-run hotel?

The Hotel Nafsika in Aghios Stefanos, Corfu is definitely a cult hotel, the number of people who come back – time and time again – proves the point. Even the Daily Telegraph thinks so! Although they did feel it necessary to have a go at the rooms – guys this is a peaceful part of Greece it’s not the George Cinq in Paris!

Despite their unrealistic standards – more akin to members of the Bullingdon club – they cannot stop themselves praising the service, the food and the value for money.

What really galls me as a repeat visitor to Aghios Stefanos is the 5/10 for the location. Only 5/10 are they mad? Clearly it’s not the sort of place where David Cameron and his cronies will be found (thank heavens for small mercies”!) but it still a fantastic location – especially if you want to experience some of the more traditional aspects of Greek life such as eating good food, chatting with people in bars and restaurants and of course watching fantastic sunsets.

Read the full review: then go see the Hotel’s blog – Nafsika’s Blog and get the real perspective!!


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