I’m not a fan of poor customer service

No, I’m not a fan of poor customer service. Well, ok I can cope with a one off event but when it seems to be systemic and consistent then I get cross. After all as a paying customer I expect that I will treated fairly – so would you.

…and of course the thing is that when you’ve experienced poor customer service it taints your whole view of the organisation that you’ve been dealing with – it’s often a shame but it’s human nature to feel like that.

And frankly it’s not something that should be dependent on the size of the organisation, rather it says something about the way that an organisation values it’s customers – and it some instances customers can find that deeply shocking.

In fact some of the largest organisations have invested in proactive customer service. Recently I’ve taken issue with the service I’ve received from a telecoms operator and a utility company – both of them impressed me by their use of Twitter to identify and react to my issues. That definitely made me think more warmly towards then, a lead others should follow!!

There was a survey conducted about 10 years ago at M&S into customer loyalty and it was discovered that 10% of the customer base of M&S Food would shift their entire grocery shopping if they found that a key trigger product was not in stock at their local M&S store. Well I feel a bit like that about customer service – if the quality of service is around 10% of what it should be then I’m off!

Which puts me currently in a horrible position in that the company which has got me to this state is the football team I have supported since 1963 – the team both my son and I have membership of and the team that had me feeling depressed throughout the 1st half of last season and now has me itching for the new season to start.

Over the years I’ve spent hundreds of pounds on merchandise and tickets to games but what am I to do now?

I want to be able to go and see my team play, it’s difficult because they’re so popular but because their levels of customer service are so dreadful I’m thinking of cancelling my membership.

But listen, there is hope still, all it would take is for the club to contact me personally, to respond to my emails with more than an automatic response, to answer my phone calls and to allow me to use their online chat system rather than keeping me waiting for ages and then telling me there’s no-one to chat to me when I’ve got down to #1 in the queue.

Can they do it? Watch this space.

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