Car Insurance: A licence to print money

Car Insurance: why are so many intermediaries involved if there’s an accident? 1 group to take the details, one group to sort the repairs, solicitors appointed to handle any legal issues – it’s no wonder my premiums are so high and it’s no wonder so many people don’t get insurance – over the past few days after my parked car was bumped outside our offices I’ve been bombarded by various options of how to deal with the situation.

I thought I had comprehensive insurance – one phone call and it’s sorted – no liability on my part so no worries.

Ah but that was then and this is now – if you can outsource something to reduce your costs that means (Mr Insurance brand) increasing your profits! Forget any issues of customer service here – that’s not a consideration.

I was offered 3 options one of which was contacting the 3rd party’s insurance myself! I mean WTF! Why bother having insurance at all if I’m the one doing the work!

It’s also galling to receive a letter from the solicitor appointed to handle matters on my behalf (who I don’t want nor need) to find that it includes a leaflet on whiplash injuries – sorry but I’ve already told you I wasn’t in the car….

My advice to people is check with your insurance company – will they be dealing with your case or will they be subcontracting it out. I know what I’m doing when this policy runs its course! So insurance companies stop bleating on about having to increase my insurance premium because so many people are uninsured and start providing a proper service that people will be happy to pay for.

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