Sky – the emperors new clothes of Broadband

BT Infinity (40Mb) 40Gb usage free w/e calls free connection £18 or unlimited usage/calls etc £28. Sky Broadband Connect £17. Sheesh!

Where’s the value in that. Broadband the only market where you pay more for less – no sorry broadband and underwear oh and shoes!

I quote” Our Traffic Management Policy works to restrict broadband speeds for a minority of heavy web users during peak times (Our network is busiest between 5pm and 12am on weekdays and all day at the weekend, but can be busy at other times too, depending on regional, national and international demand). This allows the majority of users to enjoy greater speeds.

If we consider that your usage is excessive we may slow down your connection for the rest of the day so that it has less effect on others.

We slow down the speed for applications that use a lot of bandwidth, for example, streaming, peer-to-peer and newsgroups. If you are a very heavy user we may also slow down web activity like browsing, sending emails and video-streaming.

So basically all the things one NORMALLY uses the Internet for. Some mistake surely!!

And who (male) ever thought that Jimmy Choo would offer so much value or that thongs (or posing pouches for that matter) should be made available to all and sundry!!

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