Social media for writers, readers and advertisers

OK, this social meeja thang! Seems it splits neatly into several segments. All of which are relevant – to writers, readers & advertisers

You’ve got Twitter – now with added Jobs appeal which is a fantastic tool to get your fix of daily sound-bites. It’s an excellent tool to keep abreast of the latest news, views, comments and generally brighten up your days – no Hislop you old fart it’s not boring! This is for readers and writers – but not advertisers – their Tweets are boring intrusive spam!

Then we have Facebook – definitely more for the “youf” but increasingly more mainstream. Businesses are beginning to use it and whilst there is an awful lot of noise there are possibilities for it to become more than a social diary tool – ok I’m nailing my colours to the mast here! I have an account but rarely use it – only when something I ping(.fm) to it gets commented on by others, but my daughter uses it more than she uses her mobile phone!! It’s definitely for readers and writers but it’s way more parochial (personal) than Twitter and according less interesting intrinsically to advertisers – it’s the scale of thing that gets them excited (quantity not quality!).

And then you’ve got LinkedIn – the “professional networking tool” – god it’s boring! Maybe as has been commented it might become an extremely powerful tool but for now it seems to be populated with the people who like to feel important adn as such it’s more for the writers than it is for the readers and it’s definitely of little interest to the advertisers!!

So what about blogging? I hear you say. Well it’s the piece that validates all of the above. It’s the long format version of Twitter, the adult version of Facebook and interesting version of LinkedIn. Blogging allows you to vent your spleen, focus attention of issues of merit and to encourage detailed debate. Not only that it provides a better means of creating communities of common interest than the other tools described above. And that’s why savvy advertisers love blogs!

Blogs can work on so many levels but for readers, writers and advertisers there is mutual benefit to be had – but only if the writers are happy to invite the advertisers in and ensure they are relevant to the content rather than just a means of monetizing their creativity!

There are many other claimants to the social media matrix – Foursquare, Gowalla etc al – but these are not and never will be in the same league as the Big 4 – well these are my opinions – yours maybe different – so why not blog about it?

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