Thank heavens for 16 yr old daughters who still have the patience to cope with the absurdities of #iTunes. Or I’d have a jailbroken #iPhone.

Or maybe just a BROKEN iPhone!

All this crap that #Apple gives out about it oeprating seamlessly and quickly is complete hogwash. My iPhone is 18 months old, it’s running slow, and dealing with iTunes is enough to turn my hair grey – sh*t it HAS turned grey!

Last nights exercise is getting it to sync my music was painful – oh dear god it was painful. In the end we (actually my daughter as by now I’d completely lost the plot and would happily have garroted Steve Jobs if he’d happened to walk in to offer a hand) had to reconnect the library to load all the songs back in – of course this meant they were all there in duplicate – indeed in triplicate in some instances. Cue my daughter manually deleting each of the duplicates- individually – you can’t sort by the annoying error flag – why not Jobs? Was it a bit too difficult for you, like your security (there is none!).

Thankfully I’ve just seen an article about soem sfotware that allows you run Android on other OS’s – kerching!

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