@106jackfm – stepping over the line

Despite the fact that I love 106JackFM in Oxfordshire there are times when radio can step over the line and lose a sense of perspective- and that’s just happened.

One of the presenters on the Jack’s Morning Glory show feels her personal space has been invaded and this set off a chain of events which ended in some really cringeworthy radio – whilst not even realising that in the previous 48 hours they, 106JackFM, had callously embarrassed – and maybe worse – the young step-son of bomb disposal hero, whilst reporting on the inquest into his death.

Now let’s be honest Trevor Marshall it was really childish to promote a bounty for a picture of fellow presenter Sue Carter at the gym – really, really childish- but c’mon that’s the basis of a lot of the humour on the Morning glory, and as Mike Dean in the Morning rightly points out- Sue you’re a local celebrity – there are images of you on the Jack website and in the local paper where you write a weekly column and a few months ago there was a publicity stunt which includes using images of the presenters on giant cardboard cut-outs all over the place. So whilst I can understand your argument that the gym is somewhere where one tends not to look ones best (but isn’t it where you go to try and improve the way you look/feel about yourself?) your image is in the public domain and the stunt fits in well with the Jack ethos – after all – isn’t next week all about Trev’s Ultimate Workout video!

Now compare the outrage that has caused with your reporting of the coroner’s inquest into the death of a high profile bomb disposal officer – and no I’m NOT going to name him! I heard your news reports on Wednesday including the unsupported claim that a phone call from his young son could have contributed to his state of mind which might have been why he failed to deal with an IED and was killed. I was personally outraged by such a callous act. How do you think the child might respond to that – to be accused of being a contributory factor in the death of his father? How might other children react to him?

On Thursday I was even more shocked when you read out the child’s christian name – you did on more than one news bulletin! That is unacceptable. Your news editor needs to be sacked – I can’t believe that it would have happended in Greg Burke’s time and given the stations commitment to our troops e.g. the fantastic series when you guys visited Camp Bastion I’m doubly shocked I’m stunned that you allowed these bulletins to be broadcast.

So guys and girls get some perspective on things – by all means have a pop at Trev for being a twat but get off your high horse Carter get back to doing stuff like this – Jack in Afghanistan or this Against Breast Cancer and allowing talent like the late lamented Ali Booker on air – and making my journey to work and back an enjoyable experience, full of banter and great music. Now jog on!

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