e-on energy – shocking customer service!

“Thank you for contacting us through the Twitter social networking site…” Well friends it had to be done – and it does show the power of Twitter – but on this occasion it isn’t that particular power I’m on about! I’d used Twitter to try and get a reaction from e-on and thankfully it worked.

I’ve been having poor catastophically awful service from e-on for years. It all started when I tried to compare my electricity costs with other suppliers. Unfortunately the myriad of price plans and differences in peak/off peak times was proving to be a real headache. So I had to try and do it in stages.

Stage one was to change to a “standard” Economy 7 tariff. Apparently this was easy, so off I popped on holiday to return 2 weeks later to discover I had no heating and no hot water. e-on’s team has disconnected the meter that supplied the electricity for these – and left the wires hanging out of the wall.

So not a good start! Now rather than bore you senseless let’s jump forward 3 years – yes 3 years and I’m off to a new supplier. (During this time there have been endless telephone calls from me to e-on and little sense coming back the other way). My feeling is that I’m due some recompense from e-on to cover the multitude of broken promises (their t’s and c’s promise £25 each time they fail to do what they say they’ll do) and the offer they finally come up with doesn’t come close to what, I calculate, they owe me.

So now we’re off the ombudsman and to state my case accurately I need a copy of the records that e-on keep on file, which will cost me £10. Well I’d been waiting over a month for them to send me this form when I decided to mention the fact on Twitter and bless them, they’re tracking Twitter – which is interesting in itself. So after a couple of tweets they promise I’ll be contacted by a customer services rep.

Hey presto a (snail mail) letter arrives from Malcolm Jones in Customer Relations and guess what. It tells me that the next course of action is to approach the ombudsman – doh! Now I ask you what is the point of keeping customer records if you can be arsed to read through them? Or are the records incomplete, perhaps they’ve been redacted. Either way how do I know if I can trust them to give me the facts? Will I be throwing good money after bad by paying them £10 to get the information?

All I know is that e-on has consistently shown that it provides shocking customer service! Perhaps they’ll read this and finally do what I’ve asked on a number of occasions SEND ME THE FORM OR PAY ME SOME SENSIBLE COMPENSATION!

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