Is Steve Jobs really Big Brother?

Now before we get into the detail i want to make 3 things clear.

1: I wish Steve and his family all the best, I hope his decision to take a medical sabbatical works out well, as it has before!
2: Apple makes the most fantastic range of products and markets them amazingly well.
3: The company should be roundly applauded and even lauded for its financial success.

Ok that’s sorted – now then.

I think Steve Jobs IS Big Brother. If ever one man could be said to “dictate” the way a company is perceived by the outside world then the man in black and denim is that man. Even if Jonathan Ive is the de jure man behind the design of many of their incredibly beautiful and efficient products and even if TBWA \ Chiat \ Day in Los Angeles, CA. produce the stunningly simple yet effective advertising that promotes Apple Steve is “the man” – in fact currently he’s “the company”.

Steve has the ability to make grown men quiver – maybe not with fear but sure as hell with anticipation. He can make people queue for hours just to hear him speak and he does it with such ease. A sense of ease that can only come from a position of absolute power. You doubt me? Well cast your mind back to Antenna-gate, a cock-up of monumental proportions which we’ve all forgotten about – well most of you! The arrogance of starting off by slagging off the performance of your competitors antennas was breathtaking – and the media bought it, they forgot about the abysmal performance when they were given a piece of plastic – sorry a “bumper” designed to stop problems with the antenna…oh and to protect the unbreakable glass screen/back of the iPhone 4. You should be getting my drift now.

But the final proof must come from the fact that Apple’s approach to dealing with its customers remains unchallenged in law.

If you cast your mind back Microsoft was eventually fined heavily – and I mean really heavily, by the EU over it’s anti-competition approach of bundling a browser with its operating system. However Apple can sell a phone, by that I mean transfer the ownership of the item to an individual, yet still control what the individual is allowed to have on it, how they use it and indeed they retain the ability to grab control back if you dare to “jail-break” it.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the US Supreme court decide that “jailbreaking” was actually legal? So where is the class action? Where are all the people who’ve been clamouring about “freedom to do what they want to do?” I’ll tell you where.

They’re sh*t-scared that Steve “Big Brother” Jobs and his henchmen will find them and turn their precious Golden Delicious into a Crab-Apple – there you, are proof positive!

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