Another poor piece of customer marketing by BT

I received the following email from BT – I’d registered with them to see when and if my exchange would be upgraded so I could get a faster broadband connection – my village gets 1.8meg if you’re lucky -a village nearby gets 20meg!

You feel able to increase my charges whilst telling me about stuff that I’ve either already got or frankly would never use you for – shockingly bad tactics.

So as you can anticipate I was not best pleased. And thinking about it just yesterday I got an official invitation from them to join their BT Broadband service through the mail. Hey BT you need to buy yourself a CRM system – the rest of you, let BT know how you feel – complete the poll below.


Your line rental increases in October.

Dear Mr West,

On 1 October 2010, your line rental will increase by 50 pence a month.
We’re also making changes to the cost of daytime calls, our call
set-up fee, and call return service. You can find more details below.

We appreciate it’s not the kind of news you’ll welcome, but there’s
more news in this email which we hope you will.

For instance, we’re improving two of our services:

– Personalised voicemail with our BT Answer 1571 answering service.
From October, you’ll be able to personalise your greeting at no extra
cost.(1) Just dial 1571 and press 2 to record your greeting. You could
pay over £2.00 a month(2) for a service including personalised
voicemail from Sky, TalkTalk or Virgin Media.

– A place for everything online at My BT. Manage your bills and
payments, get advice on our forums, get in touch via email and hear
about our great value offers.

And don’t forget about some of the other features your BT line
currently gives you, like:

– Calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers(3) at no extra cost, at the same
times as your inclusive landline calls. A ten-minute 0845 call on a
Saturday morning costs £1.11 with Virgin Media, or 69p with Sky.(4)

– BT 1471. If a caller doesn’t leave a message, dial 1471, and it
tells you who called you last.

If you ever need help, please contact us via
Thank you for being with BT.
Yours sincerely,

Warren Buckley
Managing Director, Customer Service

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